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The Pixi Glow Tonic Dupe for P50 - The Verdict is In!

At the end of the day, we all just want good skin days! I am not asking for perfect, porcelain skin that makes me look like I live under a glass dome and spend all my days worrying only about what lipstick I should wear tomorrow. I understand that the Skin Gods cater to some more than others and I get that none us won the "Miss Perfect" genetic lottery here but I am and always have been a problem solver, which of course means that I vowed to somehow figure out what my face is trying to tell me, take care of it and put an end to the mirror obsession that plagues me when things get bumpy. I am after "healthy" imperfect skin and Biologique Recherche P50 is one of things that is getting me one step closer to that goal

Seeing how the Biologique Recherche P50 has become one of the key steps of a fairly successful skin care routine for my significantly problematic skin, I am always after two of the following: hoarding more and more of P50 gold or finding an alternative that will either be easier to find or will work "good enough" until I can get my hands on the real thing! 
The whole thing sounds pretty dramatic I know, but the difference between my skin before a weekend without Biologique Recherche P50 is not only visible, its actually palpable and always followed by red angry bumps that sometimes take a very long time to get rid of. 

Pixi The Glow Tonic
For some time the rumor mill on a lot of beauty blogs has been buzzing about the Pixi Glow Tonic and how it appears to be achieving similar results to my beloved P50 formula, all without some of the questionable ingredients found in the Biolgique Recherche formula. It wasn't until I saw the nod from Caroline, my online skincare guide (Beautymouth) that I took the information seriously and started to look into testing it for myself. The only issue I have with the P50 is the availability so I was really hoping that if the Pixi Glow Tonic indeed proved to be a successful "dupe" that it would be something I could get relatively easy. Unfortunately right away I realized that the Pixi version is going to be even more difficult to get a hold of. Currently the only place you can purchase the Pixi Glow Tonic is at their London Boutique on Carnaby Street but I was told that a direct order can be placed by calling 0207 287 7211 or sending an email -

You would think that once I discovered that little fact that I would just give up and move on! The idea of comparing the Biologique Recherche and their new "challenger" Pixi proved to be too irresistible to me and I found a way to make it happen. 

I have always known Pixi Beauty as a cutesy, good quality makeup brand that was sold exclusively in Target stores for some time now. Since Target is not widely available in Canada (yet!) my exposure to what Pixi has to offer was limited to a few birthday gifts, which were definitively impressive but to be honest not enough for me to go out of my way to find more. 

Pixi Beauty was created by a well known makeup artist Petra Strand while her sister Sofia, a degree-level aesthetician, focused on running her own high-end luxury facial salon. The story goes that Pixi's limited skin care line was created by Sofia herself and the products were meant to be used on clients in her exclusive facial spa in Sweden. Everything about these products is meant to be simple, un-complicated, sleek, modern but effective - and that includes the price as well. There are suppose to be no fillers, no alcohol, added colors or unneccessary fragrances, making it an excellent choice for the Sensitive Skin Care Club members. Who doesn't want or like skincare that's un-fussy, useful, does what it's say it will do and is not going to make you nervous at the cash registers? We all need more brands like that!
Key Ingredients;
Glycolic Acid loosens dead skin cells and exfoliates
Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates skin
Which Hazel firms, tones, softens skin surface
Gingseng helps skin cells hold on to oxygen
Horse Chestnut improves circulation

The Pixi Glow Tonic stood out in a lot of ways for me. First of all the 250 ml bottle is much bigger than my standard Biologique Recherche P50 5.1 fl oz and I love the fact that it comes with a well-made, sturdy pump. I love a good design even when it comes to beauty products! 

The Glow Tonic is in the same category as the P50 treatment and the Clarins Brightening version, which are all exfoliating toners or astringents. The formula contains glycolic acid as a chemical exfoliators so slight tingling is to be expected, however someone like me who is now a veteran when it comes to these skincare steps, the sensation was barely noticed. I will admit I liked the fact that my face was not numb after i patted the nice, peachy fruity scented liquid all over my face! It doesnt matter how long I use the Biologique Recherche, the slight numbness right after application is always a little concerning.
Like always the exfoliating toner needs to be followed by a hydrating version and my current choice is the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist.

I tried to test the Pixi Glow Tonic and I tried to use it exclusively by setting the Biologique Recherche P50 aside completely. My original plan was to use it for at least 30 days to give it enough time to impress me, complete a skin cycle and then make an informed, educated decision. 
I lasted two weeks! But its not all bad news! 

I believe that since my reactive, stubborn difficult skin is just used to a stronger, perhaps even "harsher" formula, meaning once my skin cells got the chance they got together and rebelled pretty badly. I was disappointed but not overly surprised, especially given the fact that the Biologique Recherche P50 was somewhat of a "game-changer" of my skincare. I loved how the Glow Tonic felt on my skin and I really wished that it was enough to keep me looking "normal". 
However its not all bad! Not wanting to waste such an exclusive product like the Pixi Glow Tonic I decided to alternate its use with the P50; use it in the mornings if for nothing else to at least delay the time when I have to open my last Biologique Recherche bottle. 

The combination of these two is now working very well for me! It appears that my skin enjoys taking a bit of a break from the "face-numbing sensation" once a day and even better the P50 toning step in the evenings does not sting "as much". My complexion is calmer and it seems even less irritated with this duo working in unison. 

My conclusion for this comparison is very unique to say the least. I am happy and annoyed at the same time. Happy because I am now one step closer to a radiant healthy complexion and annoyed because now there is one more thing I have to track down...and hoard. 

You can read my Biologique Recherche P50 here 

I hope you found this review helpful!

Have you tried The Pixi  Glow Tonic or Biologique Recherche P50?



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  1. Thank you for a thoughtful and careful set of reviews. I appreciate it!

  2. How did you order it? Did you email the store and have it shipped? I live in Canada as well and would love to get my greedy little hands on this! It sounds great! Can I ask how much you paid for it with shipping? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your comment and for checking out with my blog!
      The Pixi tonic is great but kind of inconvenient to order. I was lucky to be able to get it picked up
      If you call the number they can set you up for an over the phone order but shipping might be a tad high. I will check with their rep to see if they have other options and get back to you as well

  3. In terms of brightening your skin tone which product did you see results in?

  4. Thank you for your reviews of these products. I have ordered both and I'm really excited about them after reading your blog!

  5. So glad I stumbled past your review! Thanks! But no clue how to order it in Canada