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Review - Avene Antirougeurs Calm - Soothing Repair Mask

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Masks are an integral part of my skincare routine and I really try to fit them in a couple times each week. Pampering and treating my skin comes hand in hand for me so I need to make sure my treatment mask choices are effective, smart and chock full of ingredients that are proven to deliver. 

Avene is a no-frills, no-nonsense, affordable French pharmacy brand whose products are all enriched with the healing properties of their exclusive Thermal Spring Water. Everything Avene makes is designed and suitable for use by those of us with sensitive skin issues, a fact that has made them popular with skincare enthusiasts and dermatologists all over the world. Further endorsement is ensured knowing that all Avene products are paraben-free, fragrance & color free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

My own experience with Avene has always been positive and even though choosing the right products can sometimes be a challenge I have found that a little bit of research is definitively worth the effort. Customer service "skin specialists" are very helpful and genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about all of their products so consulting them is always a breeze. 

Avene skincareAvene Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask is one of their less celebrated treatments, a fact most likely due to its level of specialization and function.
The soothing repair mask is a treatment used for some of the more dramatic skin emergency incidents. Essentially this stuff is to be saved for when your skin is in dire need of comfort and healing. 

When skin experiences discomfort, pulling or heated sensations, it can be hard to calm the flare-up. The Repair Mask instantly soothes angry skin with its fresh and creamy texture, and then works deep within the skin to improve skin microcirculation with Ruscus extract. This ensures that both long-term diffuse redness and temporary redness are reduced, and the skin is moisturised and repaired.

Key Ingredients;
Avene Thermal Spring Water (54%), Saponin-Enriched Ruscus Extract (0.1%), Sucralfate (1%)

The soothing and repairing nature of the mask is pronounced most dramatically when you really make your skin mad by either environmental factors (extreme weather),biological issues (over-treating-exfoliating) or just plain negligence. Just 10 minutes of wear time will deliver calmer and comfortable skin. It really is a wonder when it comes to soothing dry patches, redness, mystery rashes and otherwise compromised, inflamed skin. The palpable cooling effect reduces any heat inflammation, stinging irritation and will actually reduce skin reactivity post treatment. I like to refer to it as an "ice-pack" for your face. 

The healing factor is so intense that the Avene Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask is widely recommended for patients post cosmetic procedures to relieve discomfort and accelerate skin's natural repair cycle. The gentle but potent nature of the formula is proven just by that fact alone - if you can use it on inflamed, post-peel skin then using it during "normal" times should be a breeze. There is no strict regiment requirement which means that the mask is to be used as needed without worrying about over-saturation or residue build up. 

Avene Antirougeurs Calm Mask
The texture of the mask is very creamy, whipped and silky so it feels exceptionally nice on your skin. I love the fact that I cant detect any greasiness at all so I can leave it on comfortable without being constantly "aware of my face". Removal is fairly easy - a moist, luke-warm facecloth does the job quickly and efficiently in just a few strokes. Adding the Avene Thermal Spring Water on top (as recommended) completes the facial experience, giving you a cool, comfortable skin to work with. 

The final conclusion is very positive and I would (and have) recommend this mask to everyone but especially those with reactive, sensitive skin. Its definitively nice to have for those skin mishaps we all have once in a while. 

Avene Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask ($33.75) and other Avene products can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada or purchased online at the Skinfo Skincare Boutique here

Have you tried Avene products? Any favorites? 



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