Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Biologique Recherché Creme Verte Espoir - Soothing Face Cream

Biologique Recherche is a perfect example of brand where the superb performance of one product leads to a trial (obsession?) of others.
The famous p50 (review here!) is hands down my favorite skin care product and one of the few that made a huge difference in my skin tone. Who am I kidding? It pretty much transformed my skin and is the one product I would comfortably pay double for. 
It was in one if my Biologique Recherché that I received a generous sample of Creme Verte Espoir - soothing face cream, and simply fell in love with its smelly goodness :-)

Biologique Recherche own product description : 
This soothing and balancing cream contains high concentrations of repairing botanical extracts which revitalize the epidermis. It is recommended for reactive skin.
Yeast extract, tepescohuite extracts, aloe vera, red vine extract, coffee extract, centella asiatica and vitamin C.

Biologique Recherché Creme Verte Espoir Soothing Face Cream

Now I will admit that I don't use this everyday but that's not to say that there is something wrong with the product or that I don't love it. It's actually the opposite! 
The cream itself is a little pricy and kind of hard to get a hold of so the skin care connoisseur in me saves this little gem for special occasions or mini skin emergencies. 

As a beauty blogger I have a tendency to experiment with all kinds of products, which is great BUT sometimes that can seriously backfire. Before i know it, my skin overreacts and I am stuck with irritation, redness and pesky rash all over. It is during those days that I really appreciate both the Biologique Recherché p50 and Creme Verte Espoir. The soothing cream really lives up to its name at that point. My skin relaxes, cools and calms, almost overnight. 

The scent is definitively not pleasant although its not as potent as the lovely fragrance that comes from my beloved p50 bottle. Luckily for me and those in my vicinity the lingering is quite minimal and after a few minutes its completely gone. For me that's a small price to pay for the benefits that come along with it!
The texture is quite creamy and easy to work with although the light brown color can be quite off putting if you are not expecting it. But now you know since I warned you :-)

As you can already tell I am quite smitten with yet another Biologique Recherche product. If you have reactive, sensitive skin or you just do something incredibly stupid with an unsuitable product then the Creme Verte Espoir is a great choice.

You can find this and other Biologique Recherche at Rescue Spa here or check out their direct website

Have you tried Biologique Recherche? 



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