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REN 7 +Day Optimum Radiance Program Part 3

This is going to be my final installment in the REN 7 Day Optimum Radiance Program and I have left the two products I enjoyed using the most for this last post. One is something that most of you already know about and the other I find is kind of an underrated product that hasn't really received all that much coverage in the beauty blogs or review sites for that matter. I think the reason a lot of amazing products get left out is because they are either not fancy or pretty enough or even more often their impact is not all that instantaneous so they are taken for granted or forgotten. I am going to try and change that. 

Each morning after cleansing and toning I applied the REN Radiance Perfection Serum, while at night it followed the AHA Resurfacing Concentrate, right before my night cream. The instructions provided indicated that the serum was the only one used twice a day with no restrictions, which I took to mean that the formula was even gentler and milder than the rest of its counterparts.

REN Radiance Serum

What is the REN Radiance Perfection Serum;
A multi active serum formulated to reboot the skin’s energy cycle, visibly perfect skin tone and leave skin looking energised, radiant and luminous.

What is formulated to do;
Skin looks more energised, radiant, even toned, plumped and healthy
Regular use will help reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentation

Key Ingredients;
Vitamin C regulates skin pigmentation to reduce age spots and correct skin tone
Hyaluronic Acid provides intense, deep hydration
Glycogen and Magnesium work to boost skin energy and radiance

When I started using the Radiance Perfection Serum I liked it but was little underwhelmed and I really couldnt understand why. Maybe it was the fact that the other REN products in this range had a little more obvious and immediate effect on my skin, whereas I couldn't figure out exactly what this was doing. This serum treatment has the texture lotion and is probably one of the most hydrating serums I have across in all my skin care experiments. My skin is combination-dry and there were days when I felt that I could use just this,with no moisturizer on top and my skin remained comfortable for the day. Based on that I think those of you with oily skin most likely will not require an additional skin cream but once again sunscreen is a MUST! 
Even though I wasn't exactly hooked on the Radiance Perfection Serum I continued using it for weeks after the official 7-Day program because I didn't want to waste it and despite the fact that I wasn't able to see a clear results I liked the way it felt on my skin. 
Somewhere around the 3-4 week mark I started noticing that on the days I wasn't using the Radiance Serum my skin didn't look as fresh, as supple or as hydrated. What prompted me most to kick this serum back in to rotation were the questions and comments from well-meaning people in my life - "You look so tired, Are you sick?"...and nobody likes hearing that!
It took only two days for the perfecting serum to give me back the radiance and more importantly the well-rested glow I had worked so hard to keep.
Lesson of this story my friends! I am way too judgmental, impatient and fickle. Oh yeah - and don't underestimate the under dog both in skincare and i life!
Just because the results are not flashing in your face, all day long, every day; doesnt mean that its automatically useless! Give it a couple weeks and then decide, who knows what could happen.

The final product in REN'S Radiance Range is arguably their most popular and most talked about. Some beauty editors actually claim that this particular treatment is what put REN on the map and since then almost every beauty blog has featured it at some point. I am of course talking about the famous REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. 
There are so many reviews, comments, descriptions and tests across the blogosphere regarding so mask so I will try to make this brief.

What it is:
REN Radiance Renewal MaskA potent bioactive complex that reduces fine lines and dramatically improves tone, firmness, and radiance.

What it is formulated to do:
This treatment safely and effectively resurfaces the skin, without causing irritation. Its four-fruit-acid-complex (lactic, glycolic, tartaric and citric) and papain enzyme create a gentle-yet-potent exfoliating action that leaves skin glowing and healthy.
Key Ingredients;

Lactic, Citric, and Glycolic Acids: Help loosen dead skin cells.
Papain: Helps to gently exfoliate.
Omega 7: Improves skin appearance and reduces redness.
Omega 3: Soothes skin and helps boost cell turnover.

* The Radiance Optimum Program recommended using this mask on day 1, following the AHA concentrate and subsequently every 3-4 days. Once the intense 7-Day experiment comes to an end,  REN advises that the mask be used once or twice a week.

The REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask is essentially a very clever treatment, combining facial mask properties with a natural chemical exfoliant in order to both renew and resurface the skin. The resulting formulation of natural fruit enzymes and Omega compounds may sound gentle but don't underestimate the effects this mask can have on your face (especially if you have ultra-sensitive skin).

True to form, I was once again nervous about using a product that was described using terms like "acid" and "peel" but since I had taken a chance with the REN AHA Concentrate with amazing results I wasn't about to give up on the last step of this regiment.

I had been warned that I will experience mild stinging once i apply the mask and that was what essentially worried me. In all my skin care endeavors i had been conditioned to associate burning and stinging with something really-really bad!
Once again REN came through for me - there wasn't any stinging, only a mild "itchy" sensation in the first few minutes but after that my face felt so normal that I almost forgot i had a mask on my face. The instructions say to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, rinse off residue and complete the skincare routine as usual.

The results I experienced with this mask during the initial 7 day program were definitively dramatic, so much so that Mr.Princeza noticed and actually made a comment about the"orange marmalade goo". Explaining the Radiance Program to him was useless,his eyes glazed over 2 sentences into our conversation but nonetheless I was tickled pink that he said something :-) The way I see it, if a manly man (like Mr.Princeza!) compliments a skin care product that means something awesome must be going on. I think its safe to say that I will always have the Glyco Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask in my bathroom.

The final verdict on the Optimum Radiance Program is extremely positive and everything REN promised on these orange-scented bottles was delivered in a very short amount of time.
I would recommend all of these products, whether all together or separately, to almost everyone except those with very sensitive skin. If in doubt, get in touch with REN, ask for a sample and do a path test - you have nothing to lose but everything to gain (in the skin department, that is!)

All Radiance products and everything else REN makes can be purchased on their website or at everyone's favorite beauty store Sephora

I hope this was helpful to someone!

Have you tried REN? Any favorites?



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