Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review Macadamia Natural Deep Repair Mask

A lot of people have said that i have been blessed with what is described as "good hair". My hair is dark auburn, very thick, shiny, undamaged  and not color-treated.  
I don't use a lot of styling aids and when I blow dry I only do it for about 5 minutes when my hair is no longer "very wet". My routine is very simple but I do try and use some kind of deep treatment mask or conditioner every couple of weeks. I probably should do more but my beauty obsession seemingly doesn't translate all that well in the hair-care department. 

When I first heard about the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask I was intrigued, especially many bloggers were comparing it to the Moroccan Oil products, which I already use. So when I got the opportunity arose I was more than happy to test it out.

Macadamia Natural Deep Repair Mask

Official Description;
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque is a revitalizing hair reconstructor for dry, damaged hair. A combination of macadamia oil and argon oil along with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving the hair deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits.

Key Ingredients;
Macadamia Oil
Argan Oil 
Tea Tree Oil,
Chamomile Oil
Aloe & Algae Extract

How to use;
Liberally comb through clean, wet hair and allow up to 7 minutes of penetration before rinsing. No heat necessary. Deep Repair Masque is an intense treatment. Use no more than twice a week

The Macadamia Natural Deep Repair Mask promises to provide not just deep nourishment & reconstruction but also long-term conditioning. Even though I am all about instant gratification I also like feeling like I am doing something that will benefit me later too. This treatment is promising both of those things. 

The texture of this hair mask was thinner than I expected but for me that was a positive feature since it made it a lot easier to evenly distribute the cream throughout my hair. My thick hair also appreciated the fact that it was very easy to rinse. Nobody has time for a 10 minute rinsing session. The scent is very clean and fresh, nothing overpowering that lingers for hours. 

Macadamia Natural Deep Repair MaskDespite the fact that it doesn't feel thick, the richness of its conditioners really pack a punch when it comes to hydration and repair. I could feel a difference in my hair while I was still in the shower - the silky, light sensation was apparent even then. Once dry my hair was softer, silkier, lighter and even looked & felt bouncier. What I absolutely loved about it was the fact that even though my hair was soft & silky, it was also very manageable and not at all slippery. 

I have used the mask three ways;
1. Just as directed on the tub for 7 minutes before rinsing 
2. Overnight wrapped up in cling wrap and rinsed in the morning shower 
3. When my skin is feeling particularly parched I use it overnight with a few drops of the matching Macadamia Oil mixed it

Essentially the Macadamia Natural Deep Repair Mask ask is just wonderful and for once I couldn't come up with a single negative.  It's a new feeling for me! 

You can purchase Macadamia Oil products at ULTA

I hope you find this review helpful 

Do you have a favorite hair mask?



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