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Eye Cream Series - Bobbi Brown Extra Repair

Skincare is very important to me today but that doesn't mean that I was always diligent with my complexion. I shudder when I think about the times when I thought a baby wipe was suitable for "washing" my face and let's not even talk about all the sunscreen-free days I used to enjoy.

One exception to this terrible skincare fiasco was eye cream - for some reason the importance of moisturizing and protecting the delicate eye area had been ingrained in me by my glamorous grandmother (see previous post!) so I have quite the experience in that department.

I almost always have several eye creams in rotation and which ones I use depends on the  time of day, weather season, specific concern I might be "battling" and whether or not I plan on wearing eye makeup. It sounds way more complicated than it really is but even if your eye cream just hydrates then you are already ahead of the game.

The delicate skin around the eye area is much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, which means that its usually a lot more sensitive and as such requires a little more help to stay hydrated and protected. Seeing how your under eye area has to deal with specific issues like dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, it just makes sense that it would require specific, targeted treatments.

One of the eye creams in my collection is the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair and seeing how little is needed for proper hydration I am guessing that this little fancy glass pot will stick around for a very long time.

In Bobbi Browns own words;

Do your eyes need something extra? Packed with peptides, natural plant oils and humectants that target fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dryness, this rich, concentrated cream visibly revives eyes. Use morning and night - warm between fingers, then pat gently around eye area. Once cream is absorbed, follow with Corrector and Creamy Concealer. Dermatologist tested. Ophthalmologist tested.

The most prominent feature of this eye cream is the thickness and richness of the said formula. Despite that the texture itself is more like a mousse that melts between your fingers. making it very easy to pat on but also very easy to use too much of. It does take a few minutes to sink in as the hydration is very intense, which is one of the reasons I would never use this under makeup or concealer. The eye cream's richness will prevail and adding makeup on top is only bound to end up in caky-melty mess, which is the last thing you would want. For me this Bobbi Brown concoction works wonderfully as part of my evening skin care routine and its especially helpful in the cold Canadian winters.

In terms of anti-aging properties, that's a claim that is very difficult to prove and/or disapprove so I am not sure how much I can vouch for that. but effective hydration plumps up the skin anyways, thereby reducing the size and look of fine lines and wrinkles. The results are of course temporary but regular use definitively gives that youthful kick we are ll searching for.

The promise of treating dark circles does however hold up beautifully, with the results being slow but steady. I noticed that my eye area appeared brighter at the two month mark and even though i worried about new milia outbreaks due to the richness of the formula I am happy to report that there were none. Each morning i was greeted by fresh, bright eyes with noticeable puffiness reduction and no redness at all.

The only negative comment I have is that you have to be very careful with application because the melting balm travels quite a bit so if it does make its way in the eye the irritation can last for days. That being said, I can't hold that against Bobbi Brown since really, that side effect is primarily driven by human error and has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the eye cream itself.

In conclusion I can comfortably recommend this eye cream for anyone in need of an extremely rich formula targeting both hydration and dark circles. I am trying to switch my facial skincare to more natural alternatives but the Extra Eye Repair will always be there for those moisturizing emergencies.

You can get more information and purchase this and other Bobbi Brown products here or at our trusty beauty mecca also known as Sephora

Have you tried anything from the Bobbi Brown skin care line up? What is your favorite eye cream - I would love some suggestions?



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