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DISNEY COLLECTION Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum Rollerball

When I think about Disney I automatically think about the Little Mermaid as it was and still is my favorite movie of all time. I loved absolutely everything about and to this day I can pretty much recite the whole movie dialogue right on cue. I can't even tell you how many times I've tried singing under water. Red fire engine hair seemed extremely reasonable and was certainly an enviable beauty trait for many years. The Spice Girl and Ginger Spice renewed that fascination later on as well but luckily I was talked out of it by more enlightened beauty connoisseurs who recognized that I didn't have a prayer in pulling off such a bold look. 

The Little Mermaid had it all and as I was already ocean intrigued, Ariel and her friends were right up my alley. Plus how awesome was Ursula
The prince Eric love story was secondary to me as a little girl but I still really-really hoped for that fateful kiss, especially in that row boat. 

When Sephora announced and then subsequently released a Little Mermaid collection I was beyond excited and if it wasn't  for my recent organization mission I probably would have purchased the entire collection sight unseen.

I did however decide to give the Kiss the Kiss fragrance a try since my Fragrance Wardrobe could definitively use a boost and a little more variety.

Feel the passion of the moment with Ariel's Kiss the Girl fragrance and let it transform you. Invigorating bursts of bergamot and crisp, wet cucumber are brought to life by a refreshing spray of ozonic accord. Waves of watery notes splash over an alluring blend of wild lilac and starfruit. Cool white musk fuses with warm sandalwood and sensual velvet sensations of ambergris ensure you make the moment last

Bergamot, Wet Cucumber, Ozonic Accord, Water Notes, Wild Lilac, Starfruit, White Musk, Sandalwood, Ambergris. 

Alluring. Romantic. Confident.

The entire Sephora Disney Princess Collection - Ariel is suppose to capture and represent the vibrant, ethereal, magic and beauty tones of the treasured Disney film. In my opinion the collection manages to do just that. 

Kiss the Girl EDP is a roller-ball, which appealed to me since if I didn't like the scent i wouldn't be stuck with yet another unloved bottle to dust and spritz once in a while. The full size fragrance bottles are also available but as pretty as the bottle is, I didn't want to risk it just yet. 

The Kiss the Girl scent formula sounded very different from what I usually like (think Prada Candy or Vera Wang Princess!) so I was apprehensive but still open minded to test this out. Please keep in mind that not only am I terrible at scent descriptions but also fragrance is all about your body chemistry meaning that it never smells the same from person to person. It changes once its worn so the transformation from the bottle to body can be quite dramatic. 
Each Sephora Disney Princess Ariel piece comes with an Ariel's inspired quote and the one on the roller-ball is "true love is beyond words", which is such a charming little detail that I actually felt a little giddy upon discovery. Things like this really bring out the girly-girl side of me. 

When I first smelled this and consulted the scent notes I discovered that this opens up strongly with bergamot and fresh cucumber notes, leading to the softer water lilac and starfruit middle and finishing subtly with sandalwood. The middle notes even though softer are a lot more prevalent to me which is great because I am no fan of sandalwood or cucumber for that matter. The wear time is excellent for this price point and I got at least 6 hour of subtle lingering, which is impressive as far as my fragrance experience goes.

Even though i really liked the Kiss the Girl and my love for all things Princess still remains, this particular fragrance was a little too out of my comfort zone. I love sweeter, floral scents so this crisp.modern fragrance is not going to get a lot of wear after the summer is over.
I am happy I had a chance to try it out so while not my favorite scent this definitively expands my fragrance wardrobe and could be a wonderful summery scent for both Disney and non-Disney lovers.

Just like the rest of the Disney Princess collections this EDP is limited edition so make sure to grab one at Sephora online while you still can. Most of the collection will also be available in Sephora stores in August 2013.

Have you tried Ariel's Kiss the Girls? What did you like from the Disney Princess collections?



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