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NARS Illuminators - Orgasm and Copacabana

Dear friends and fellow cosmetic junkies - I might have a slight glitter/shimmer problem on my hands!

The girly girl in me loves sparkly and shiny things and when I was younger if something had sprinkles on it then it was instantly upgraded in the coolness department. I still remember those terrible tacky glitter spiked "body gels" that I thought looked good everywhere and were perfect for literally every occasion. I can almost smell that cloying artificial lime scent again! Well that was a flashback I never want to have again!

So what does a girl with a deeply rooted love for sparkles do past the age the of 25?  Are we suppose to just outgrow it and forget it or is there a product out there that will satisfy our shimmer cravings without sacrificing any of the maturity we spent so many years developing?

NARS is definitively well known across the blogosphere, so much so that a number of their product have already reached cult status in a relatively short amount of time. The quality of their products and clever marketing all contributed to the growth of their fan base. Nars Francois has perfected the balance between releasing trendy, cutting edge innovative products and building up their classic permanent collection with equally great formulations. Every beauty maven is bound to have at least one NARS item in their trusty makeup bag. I have a lot more than one...

It shouldn't be a surprise that it was NARS that answered my shimmer prayers and delivered a product that made the girl in me squeal and the the woman in me sigh with relief.

I am of course talking about the famous Illuminators, the product that promises to light you up from within, subtly enhance your complexion and overall just refresh the radiance of your own skin.
NARS Illuminator Orgasm

What it is:

The complete set of these light-reflecting liuminizing liquids consist of 4 iconic shades - Orgasm (peach pink with shimmer), Copacabana (glistening pearl), Laguna (brown with gold shimmer) and Super    Orgasm (Orgasm on steroids)

NARS Illuminator CopacabanaThe first one released was the Original Orgasm which proved to be a huge hit, and ultimately led to the release of the other three.

The entire collection can be used to highlight bare skin or mixed in with a base of your choice for various degrees of "grownup shimmer glow". Pretty much exactly what I was looking for!

The two NARS Illuminators I ultimately settled on are Copacabana and the original Orgasm. 
The added and very much unexpected bonus of this formula is the fact that it actually contains skin-loving ingredients. Combinations of skin care and makeup are always a huge hit for me.

Key Active Ingredients;
Polar Berries (antioxidant), Bissbolol (anti-inflammatory), Indian Frankincense (soothes & comforts), Vitamin B5 (conditioning) and Sodium Hyaluronate (hydration)

The formulation and feel of these liquid luminizers is a joy to use and I love how easy they are to work with. Goof-proof formulas are another thing I really appreciate when it comes to makeup products. My skills are nowhere near where they should be! 

Copacabana to me is very much like the Benefits High Beam but nowhere near as frosty, with less pink undertones and thinner texture. This makes the Copacabana easier to use and the final result looks to be a lot more natural then when I rely on the Benefit version for the same look. The formulation of this feels wonderful on my face, as the light gel simply melts into the skin, leaving a beautiful trail of moon dust behind.
I find that this luminizer works best as a strategic highlighter, meaning that I use it most often to emphasize individual facial features. I love smoothing this on top of cheekbones, my cupid's bow, highbrow and even the bridge of my nose. It just sculpts my face so naturally and allows me to at least fake my way to some kind of cheekbones.
Even though I would characterize Copacabana as a cool pink shade,  I do think that both skin tones warm or cool could make this work with a little bit of practice and the less-is-more approach. The shimmer in this Illuminator is more like a soft sheen but I can see how some people would find it too glittery especially if you take into consideration that the shimmer has the potential to emphasize any large pores on your skin surface. 

The Orgasm Illuminator is quite a different creature from the pearly Copacabana and as such is used in a completely different way.

The original Orgasm Illuminator description is;
A complexion enhancer that makes skin look instantly refreshed, radiant, and glowing. It lights your skin from within! Deceptively sheer and decidedly luminous, it magically transforms lacklustre skin into a remember-me, luscious complexion. Flirt with foundation, go it alone, or go neck-and-neck with your décolleté. The effect is, well orgasmic"

The Orgasm Illuminator stays true to the original Orgasm color - peachy pink with soft gold & bronze shimmer. Because of the nature of the shade I find that this luminizer truly shines by adding a general "glow" to the complexion, as opposed to targeting individual features. I achieve this  by adding a few drops of the Illuminator directly to my foundation or tinted moisturizer and then lightly patting on the excess to the top of my cheekbones. This gives the effect of "blushing cheeks" without using any additional blush or bronzer.
In my opinion the Orgasm Illuminator reaches its true potential on darker skin tones or even a tanner version of me.  Because of this I am hoping to get a lot more use out of this product this summer.

*Word of caution to those of you with oily skin - if you over-do it with either one of these Illuminators, the oiliness can easily become exaggerated, especially by flash photography. 

My final conclusion is once again mixed! Even though I love the grown up shimmer these products provide I can't say that they are a must-have makeup item. That being said I do appreciate the skincare focus in the formulation of these liquid highlighters, which means that for once makeup can be said to be good for your skin.

The price tag for me is quite reasonable ($36) considering the amount of product you get (1.1-1.2 fl.oz.) and the fact that such a small amount is needed to provide the desired result I expect these little tubes will last me for quite some time.

You can purchase the Illuminators and other NARS products directly from their website or as always at Sephora

I hope you guys find this helpful!

Have you tried the NARS illuminators? Do you have a favorite NARS product? 



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