Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Makeup I Didn't Miss Out On - MAC Crew Highlighter

I am always late for things! It really doesn't matter how much I try to plan things out, keep an eye on the clock or engage other people to help me, my fashionably late status remains unchanged. 
Its no surprise that I am like that in the makeup world as well. I cant tell you how many times I see a picture of a blush or a palette, fall in love with it only to find out that it was a limited edition...from last year! My vain soul dies a little each time that happens. 
To cheer myself up and distract my thoughts from all those beautiful pieces I missed out on, I decided to feature the limited edition items I was smart enough to get when they were actually released.
First up is the MAC Crew Highlight powder, which was a part of the Hey Sailor! 2012 collection.
The best way I can describe this for you is a multi-colored highlighting powder, composed of three shades -  soft matte peach, satin-like yellow toned pink and a cool satin-like lavender-pink. There was an off white over spray but that disappeared after a few uses and didn't really interfere with the intended color anyways. These can be used swirled together and also individually, as eyeshadow accents. The design is obviously nautically inspired and as usual played a huge role in my decision to purchase this. What can I say I am a marketing guys dream customer!

MAC Crew Highlight Hey Sailor

The combination of all three shades swirled together produce a faint yellow-toned coral pink, which to me is too soft to work as a blush but too strong to be a regular highlighter. The finish is somewhere between matte and satin, depending on the the way the light hits my cheekbones but can come off chalky if I over-do it. Either way it definitively has that understated feel and look to it so if you are going for something that 'enhances' rather than highlights then MAC Crew is definitively a good choice. 

MAC Crew Highlight Hey Sailor

The texture of the powder itself is very soft and looks to be very finely milled meaning that fall-out is minimal, blend ability is at an all-time high and wear time can be quite long (8 hours over a primer). I know that MAC released this as a highlighter but for me this is better described as a brightening powder since the finished result is extremely subtle and pretty much the opposite of shimmery. On my cheeks it produces a luminous soft-pink glowy sheen that looks equally lovely both during the day and night. 

Overall I am happy I got this when I had the chance because if i didn't i know I would have regretted it but I would be lying if I didn't admit that it didn't live up to my expectations. That awkward stage between a highlighter and a blush is mostly to blame. 

What do you think about the Crew highlight? How do you feel about MAC Limited Editions? 



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