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REN 7 Day Optimum Radiance Program Part 2

Welcome Back to My REN 7 Day Optimum Radiance Program Part 2 

Today I will introduce you to the first two products that I used during the challenge and let you know what I thought about their performance, the feel on my skin, and the final results in the mirror.

REN Radiance Micro PolishThe challenge program like all other skin care began with a cleanser but true to REN and the fact that this is after all a specialty item, the Micro Polish Cleanser does a lot more than just simply wash your face. I would classify it as a hybrid of a foamy fresh mousse cleanser and an intense but gentle microdermabrasion scrub! Even after just one use I could tell my skin looked and actually felt radiant. I cant even describe to you just how happy i am about instant gratification things!

Now this is what it is formulated to do:

This product washes away impurities and delivers maximum exfoliation, targeting uneven skintone, sun damage, and discoloration. Amber microbeads slough off dead skin cells, polishing the skin to increase circulation and smooth the skin's surface. Instantly, skin feels purified, smooth, and soft. The complexion appears brighter and more energized. 

The key ingredients that do all that hard work are;

-Amber: Exfoliates and polishes skin surface. 
-Papaya Enzyme: Removes dead skin cells. 
-Glycolic and Lactic Acid: Decongests skin to leave it smooth and even toned.

What I love about the Micro Polish cleanser is that it combines gentle physical exfoliation (the microbeads) with elements of chemical resurfacing (papaya, glycolic-lactic acid). The formulation is very gentle but also very effective, which is the only reason why I would not recommend it on a daily basis. Those of you who are used to conventional scrubs might be surprised that this fresh foam will be able to exfoliate properly but if you give it a chance I am sure you will be able to see and feel the difference on your skin. Chances are once you use it a few times you will be tempted to use it a lot more because your skin feels amazing after this cleanser does its job BUT since the presence of glycolic-lactic acid makes this very potent, the risk of over-exfoliation is very likely if you try using it as your primary face wash. 
REN Radiance Micro PolishI know I was tempted to recreate that polished feel each time I stood by the sink but I restrained myself and came up with a balance of 2-3 times each week. I also appreciate the fact this cleansing scrub rinses completely and quickly, leaving no residue, redness, irritation or over-stripping.

Since REN does not use any synthetic fragrances most of their products that have any type of scent, usually smell exactly like what they are suppose to, based on the ingredient list. The Micro Polish smells like citrus fruit or more specifically sweet oranges and even though personally prefer my cosmetics unscented I was strangely attracted to this one. 

Upon completion of the 7 Day Radiance Program and after having used the Micro Polish cleanser three times that particular week I was very impressed with the results. My skin continued to be smooth even the day after I had used it, which is a huge improvement from the effects physical exfoliators usually have on my complexion. With a conventional scrub my skin did feel smooth and soft as well but stayed that way for a very short time - with REN the silky results not only lasted longer but since the exfoliation wasn't irritating I didn't have the usual "red-cheek effect" the whole day.

After the Radiance program was done I continued using the Micro Polish cleanser twice a week and the results continued to be the same every time. The most impressive part was not obvious to me for several weeks and it was actually pointed out by a friend - the old acne scars on my lower chin were fading, slowly but surely and that's no small feat for my skin. All the other positive points aside I would have re-purchased the Micro Polish for that reason alone.

REN Radiance AHA Concentrate
The step that usually follows the Micro Polish Cleanser is the REN AHA Resurfacing Concentrate, which is usually only recommended for night time use during the Radiance program and otherwise, because AHA make your skin very sensitive to the sun and if your if its not properly protected (sun screen) then any hyper-pigmentation issues you might have will not only get worse but your skin will be susceptible to even more damage. This should warn all of you to wear high level protection sunscreen during the day if you choose to try the REN Radiance range or on a daily basis for that matter.

What it is formulated to do:

This product gently exfoliates so that the skin appears radiant, even toned, and smoothed. It reduces the appearance of pore size and fine lines, improves moisture retention, and enhances the efficacy of your skincare routine. A powerful complex alpha hydroxy acids, including glycolic, lactic, tartaric, and citric acids, promotes cell turnover. Skin   is left looking healthier, revitalized, brighter, and smoother. 

This was the only product in the Radiance collection that made me a little nervous about trying it. I had had a bad experience with an AHA serum a few years ago, which left me red, raw, irritated and my poor little red cheeks took months to completely heal. As usual i did a patch test, didn't feel any stinging or other red flags so for the sake of this experiment and radiance pursuit, applied a few drops all over my face and braced for impact. Obviously i felt completely stupid after a few minutes when nothing happened and feeling a little smug continued with the rest of my beauty routine.

The next morning my skin looked calm, fresh, radiant, smooth and a little more dewy than usual. My instant gratification wishes were once again fulfilled by REN and this concentrate. The fresh fruity scent found in the Micro Polish is even more prominent in this serum and I welcomed it with with an open nose - my fragrance ban in skincare somehow never applies to REN
REN Radiance AHA Concentrate
The formulation of this resurfacing serum was once again gentle but definitively effective in terms of results. Out of all the products in the range I believe its the AHA concentrate that is most responsible for the brightening and fading of any scars or imperfections you want to correct. Due to the fact that this "resurfaces" the skin means that changes in skin texture are to be expected as well and REN accomplishes just that without the usual irritations associated with other similar products.

After the 7 Day program was complete, it was recommended that use of the AHA concentrate be discontinued for 14 days to allow the skin to recover and take a little break from resurfacing, which I did but that doesnt mean that my skin was irritated or looked like it needed healing. If anything my skin looked glowy, radiant and healthy.

These days I tend to use REN AHA concentrate about 2-3 times a week or whenever I feel like my skin is looking a little more clogged than usual and as such its become one of my favorite liquid resurfacers. It may be gentle in feel but not in results so chances are this will be re-purchased as well.

To be continued in part 3 - Radiance Perfecting Serum & Glycol Lactic Skin Renewal Mask

I hope you find this helpful! Leave any questions in the comments or email me directly - I would be happy to help :-)



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