Blog Introduction

Maybe nobody will ever read this!
Maybe my words will be lost in the vast internet machine, swallowed whole by the universe out there without even a trace and it could even be likely that I will just end up talking to myself the whole time!
I took a few days and considered this possibility - I pondered my feelings - consulted a few friends and some established bloggers - asked myself some tough questions - organized and re-organized my vanity table - applied some pink gloss and finally came to a surprising conclusion.

The whole reason I wanted to start a blog in the first place was because I love writing, I am already obsessed with beauty products, I spend an unhealthy amount strolling other beauty blogs, I am always excited to try something new and creating my own space in the blogosphere will allow me to share my opinions, views and experiences that are unique to my life. Maybe I even end up being good at it! even if I end up all alone on this website I will be in very good company, surrounded by things I adore and spend time with anyway :-)
However if I am completely honest with you I will admit that the prospect of meeting and connecting with new beautiful people who share my passion with all things girly makes me absolutely giddy with excitement!

So just in case there are some of you that discover The Bosnian Principessa blog I think introductions are in order! I mean how can I expect to be found if I don't tell you who I am and what this is all about :-)
I am a plain, ordinary, Yugoslavian-Bosnian-Canadian girl, in her 20's - Graduate University Student, beauty "collector" (ok hoarder!), a complete beauty amateur, skincare connoisseur, professional cupcake eater and borderline (crazy) cat lady (more on that later!)

I am far from "trendy" in my real life so I suspect this blog won't be either. I am a regular Princeza without a "royal" budget so Sephora's entire inventory will not be seen here BUT I am perfectly fine with that. I will however feature products/brands/interests that pertain to me and my life, honest reviews of things I try and use every day and hopefully that approach will help me relate to other real princesses around the world.

I am passionate about all things beauty, I love playing around with makeup, trying new things is always fun but after so many years of "collecting" things that almost never got used I have decided to change my philosophy and way of living the beauty life.
I am going to strive to find products that work for me personally, use and purchase brands that I believe in and can get behind, declutter my shelves and vanity drawers and assemble a manageable "collection" that enhances something about the Principessa deep inside me.

The path will be rough and I will stray of course, break my resolve and purchase yet another beautiful highlighter that I don't know how to use, rush out and get my hands on a limited edition blush that will stay in the drawer unloved BUT this time around I will have my blog and hopefully my online readers to be accountable to!

I just really-really hope I don't end up talking to myself the whole time :-)

Talk to all of you beautiful strangers very soon!



P.S. I leave you with my loyal sidekick - my baby and the reason I will most likely end up being called "The Crazy Cat Lady"

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