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What Would Andrea Bring To the Zombie Apocalypse? The Beauty Edition!

Judging by the amount of messages, tweets and page views I received about my Zombie Apocalypse Beauty Edition Posts there are some really hard-core Walking Dead fans who like yours truly take their beauty routines seriously.
That being said my beauty goals for the End Of the World are most likely way more complicated than it would be reasonably feasible to accomplish and stay alive at the same time but hey at least we have an ambitious plan to start out with.
It doesnt hurt to be prepared!

In today's exploration of the grossly challenging world of the Walking Dead and my shameless snooping contemplation of the contents of the impressively strong leading ladies of that particular reality, I am revealing some of the beauty secrets the late Andrea might have been harboring.

Andrea was one of those characters that took a while to grow on me and with each episode I found myself rooting for her but more than anything else I started to understand her drive to transform herself as a strong member of the group. She refused to confine herself to the traditional female role in such a society dynamic and essentially pushed against what some may have expected her to do with a determination to become strong on her own. I know a lot of people disliked her attitude perhaps but I found it extremely refreshing to see her pull herself from the depths of despair and rise to become a woman who didnt need a man to protect her or speak for her. In season 3 she showed that she didnt need to wear her "female nurturing nature" for all to see in order to try and protect those closest to her. The death of her surrogate father, Dale, inspired Andrea to honor his memory and his life by reeling in her anger and regaining her humanity in her own way. Some may have found her frustrating but I found her inspirational. Her death was heartbreaking to say the the least but Laurie Holden portrayed the character with such heart and deep passion that I am sure her many fans will never forget her time on the TV screen.
Plus she awesome enough to get her very own action figure!

Andrea might have been the clear tomboy of the ladies circle in the Walking Dead group but her "California girl", blond-blue eyed striking brand of beauty were clear signs that she knew exactly how to enhance her feminine assets to turn heads. I am sure her cosmetics bag was definitively present each and every day, even though her natural good looks didnt need all that much help!

1. Andrea hit the beauty genetic jackpot that much is clear but one of the features I admired the most was the state of her beautiful golden locks. Her hair was absolutely perfectly styled, glossy and bouncy during the Zombie Apocalypse and her entire look seemed completely effortless no matter what disgusting situation she might have found herself in. While she was with her original family group the resident drugstore runner Glenn would have provided her with certain hair products that she could discreetly use in between watch duty and her favorite past time - gun practice. The sweetly scented and extremely portable Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme could have softened and defined her curls effortlessly, while the classic Sun-In-Hair Lightener enhanced her naturally blonde crown of glory!
Unless Maggie and Hercshel had some lemon trees on that farm!

2. I have already voiced my extreme jealousy of these girls perfect complexion's despite the lack of regular water access and constant dirty situations so I wont repeat myself too much. When the circumstances were right and they had a chance to stop and rest from all those walker runs Andrea would have once again relied on poor Glenn to pick up some heavy duty drugstore wipes to take all that grime off. My recommendation would have been a package of Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes when they were on the move but in Woodberry where she briefly partook in the luxuries only the Governor could offer something like the Philosophy Purity Made Simple could have been beside her sink.

3. With her naturally sun-kissed skin-tone and adorably slight freckles Andrea would have learned early on in her beauty journey the importance of protecting your skin with high SPF sunscreen formulas. The mere urgency of their run-from-the-undead lives would have required a no-fuss, quick makeup application so a drugstore tinted moisturizer with a built in SPF would have been perfect. Lucky for her Glenn is an expert at scavenging all kinds of supplies and Aveno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 and Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream SPF 15 are pretty much everywhere.

4. Andrea's features certainly didnt need all that much help when it comes to enhancing or contouring but I have a feeling that the sun-kissed glow look she was sporting all three seasons was achieved by a small amount of non-shimmery bronzer. Again time is of the essence when there are so many dead things to kill so fussy blending and touch ups were not exactly the safest way to spend your spare time but a powder formula only takes a few seconds to apply even when you are on the fly. Great drugstore bronzers that are actually suitable for fair skin-tones are Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow and Rimmel Natural Bronzer

5. We all know how much Andrea loved her guns and craved the protection that only comes with the power of such a weapon. Her wish ultimately came true and even though she almost killed Daryl in the process her skills improved more than anyone ever expected.
The overwhelming grimy and sticky environment that is the Walking Dead would have been hard to deal with for any girl so I am thinking that whenever the opportunity presented itself the hand washing would have been pretty furious. We all know what happens when you over-wash your hands - drying out, irritation, redness and a very uncomfortable tight feeling on the skin surface. The solution to this seemingly minor problem would of course be to moisturize the skin with an uber rich, hydrating hand cream.
However our girl couldnt exactly afford to have slick, greasy hands when the need to kill something is almost constant. The gun slipping out of your hands is the ultimate Walker killing fauxpa! Lucky for her there are plenty of amazing hand creams that absorb quickly and hydrate efficiently enough to make Andrea's hands soft enough to caress both that sociopath Governor Philip and her beloved shotgun.
The hand cream shopping list should definitively include Glysomed Unscented Hand Cream and my personal favorite EOS Berry Blossom Hand Cream

I hope you enjoyed this secret and certainly uncharacteristic look into Andrea's makeup bag.
Laurie Holdens portrayal of this independent woman whose fight for survival and courage throughout the series deserves more than a little recognition and praise.
Andrea stood along all of her male counterparts with the same conviction and bravery they had but unlike them her heart and compassion is what I noticed and celebrated the most.

She was cool enough for me to get my very own first action figure and that to me says a lot!

I hope you enjoyed my little investigation! Thank you for reading and stopping by!

What do you think Andrea brought along for her journey!



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