Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Honest Company Canada Essential Bundle - This Is How Honesty Is Done!

The Honest Company has started spreading its ecologically and environmentally honest products and commendable customer care policies across Canada for a few months now and after my initial Free Trial Set (reviewed here!) I took the full plunge and ordered my first Essential Bundle order.
My initial overwhelming positive vibe continues now that I am full fledged Honest Member and for the first time in a very long time I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this company's products, shipping and the way they handle their customer concerns. Basically I am more than just a little impressed and naturally I want to share why!

The Essential Bundle is a collection of five core products of your own choosing, covering all of your basic needs: household, bath and body and personal care. The price is a flat fee of $35.95, plus $5.95 for shipping and handling with an option to add three additional products to the box without any extra shipping charges. That fact alone is pretty amazing if you have any knowledge of the kind of prices charged for shipping within Canada regardless of what method you end up using. I am not sure how they are able to do that but I am very happy that they can manage it!

The perks of being an Honest Member are many and include a savings of 35% off all their products, shipping frequency flexibility, flat shipping fee, special offers and seasonal discounts and a very generous referral program. The membership literally puts you in the driver seat - you decide what you get, how often you get and if there are issues or you need to hold your orders for any reason their customer service is only a phone call or live chat away.
All of the Honest Company products are exactly as the name implies transparent and honest when it comes their origins, ingredients, methods of production and customer service.
What can I say - they are just awesome!

For my personal Essential Bundle I decided to fill out all of my product spots right away and choose the full eight product for maximum capacity. If i had more spots left I probably would have purchased even more - that should tell you just how much I enjoyed my first free trial pack!

My choices were: Dishwasher Pods ($10.95 for 32 loads), Laundry Detergent ($12.95 for 70 loads), Multi-Surface Cleaner ($5.95 for 24 oz), Body Oil ($9.95 for 4 oz), Conditioning Mist ($5.95 for 4 oz), Conditioner ($9.95 for 8.5 oz), Shampoo + Body Wash ($9.95 for 8.5 oz) and Face + Body Lotion ($9.95 for 8.5 oz)

My entire order was processed within 24-36 hours after I confirmed my product selections and shipping date, they sent me a tracking number right away, shipped out fast and then delivered directly to my door within a week. This is Canada so I have to say that kind of fast shipping is pretty rare around here.

Keeping with this honest theme I will say that I have only had about a week to test out my new essentials but so far I am very happy with their performance, ease of use and feel (bath & body) on the skin. The stand out feature is the Honest Company signature orange blossom + vanilla scent which is so mild and refreshing that I am almost positive that even those who have fragrance sensitivities or aversions would enjoy it or not even notice it. Since the scent is of the unisex version even the men in my family are happy with it, which is something that has never happened in our household before.

I will most likely be doing individual reviews on each of the products in my bundle eventually but I will say that at this point every single one of them is a superstar in the making.
If I had to select an absolute front-runner then I hesitantly choose the Honest Body Oil that has been keeping my dry skin silky smooth, moisturized and smelling lovely. I love adding a few drops of this absolutely not-greasy wonder to my hair as an overnight hair treatment before my morning shower or spiking my body lotion with just a tiny amount if i feel like I need a bigger hydration boost. The formula is so concentrated that you really only need a small dose each time making this 4 oz bottle even a better value when compared to some other sub-par, more expensive body oil concoctions.
I am pretty much hooked!

The Honest Company has just released three new products to their arsenal - Organic Nipple Balm ($13.95 for 1.8 oz), Organic Belly Balm ($15.95 for 3.65 oz) and the Foaming Hand Soap ($6.95 for 8.5 oz).
You better believe they are already in my shopping cart! :)

If you want your very own trial kit you can use my referral link here (which would be so nice!) or visit their website directly

I hope this was helpful!

Have you tried the Honest Company yet? What is your favorite product? 



*Disclosure - this post contains a referral link but is in no way sponsored by the Honest Company!

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