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Benefit Cosmetics - Hervana

Let me start this review by disclosing that I have a huge love-hate relationship with Benefit Cosmetics, more so than with any other beauty brand. I love the clever ideas they come up with, the attractive retro-packaging, the cute ads splashed in magazines & websites and not to mention that I find their prices quite reasonable compared to some similar quality brands. I have personally purchased a great number of their products but for the most part no matter how much I want to love them I am always left disappointed or underwhelmed once i have the coveted item in my hands. I am not sure if my expectations are too high, if their advertising exaggerates or if i just don't understand how to use their stuff properly! I suspect its the combination of all three.
I am happy to say that Hervana is an exception in my Benefit experience. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do so that makes it even better in my eyes. 

Benefit Cosmetics Hervana Blush

Hervana is one of the famous Benefit Boxed Powders, released in January 2011 as permanent part of their blush line-up, which means that its been making the rounds with beauty queens for some time now. Benefit Cosmetics describes Hervana as "soft orchid-blossom flush", characterized by a whimsical pin-wheel design, consisting of four unique shades.
Lucky Shell can be described as a low-shimmer pale beige with peachy undertones
Divine Peach is true to its name as a warm peachy shade with soft gold shimmer
Heavenly Rose to me appears as satin warm peachy pink with strong coral undertones 
Berry Delight is the darkest shade and stands as blue-based dark pink with some plum underneath it all.

Benefit Cosmetics Hervana Blush

Combination of these four lovely shades and proper blending results in a very natural rosy blushing flush. I would even go as far as to say that it can translate in to a glow without any frost or risk of looking over the top. Pigmentation is fair, certainly not strong but that's actually one of the features I love the most about this blush. The color is natural, not artificial at all so I don't have to worry about over doing it despite the fact that I am quite fair. The low shimmer formula translates into a very soft satiny sheen, meaning that this will never emphasize your pores in a bad way like some shimmery blushes easily do. The formulation of the powder is very soft and smooth which is surprising since other similar powders can cause a dust of fall-out where as Hervana has no issues like that. Staying power is impressive, especially over a primer and I didn't notice any fading for about 6 hours. I like pairing it with a cream blush and that extends the wear time even longer. 

Benefot Cosmetics Hervana

Since the finished product gives that "natural blushing cheeks" effect I believe that the color would look good on both warm and cool toned complexions. However since pigmentation is not very strong, those with darker skin-tones may not be satisfied with the color punch on its own but that could be improved by layering it with a cream or gel blush underneath to give it more "pop".  

In conclusion I would classify Benefit's Hervana as an ideal everyday blush, that is neutral enough to go with everything and seems to inspire a fun spring flush on my cheeks. Its goof-proof for me and I love pairing it with a rosy pink lipstick for a that ever popular less is more look.
Benefit Cosmetics have redeemed themselves and definitively brought my attention to their products once again. 

You can purchase Hervana and other Benefit cosmetics directly on their site here or at our trusty Sephora

Have you tried Hervana or other Benefit cosmetics? Love or Hate? What is your everyday blush?



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