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The Princeza House Brand - The Body Shop

I am sure I am not alone in this but have you ever looked around your humble abode or taken an inventory of your cosmetic stash, only to realize that some brands seem to repeat over and over. It just seems like there are particular brands or product types that keep reappearing,  but its only when I took a closer look at what I already have that I noticed a specific pattern. I looked around every product stash I have, pulled out products from very surprising locations (shoe boxes?), emptied out numerous purses and rediscovered "lost" items throughout the house - all in the name of organization and beauty blogging of course.

However being the hopeless beautiholic that I am, I manged to spin the embarrassing amount of cosmetics I have accumulated into yet another blog post series. This time around I will not only be examining and featuring products I own but I will also be spot-lighting "house brands" who based on the sheer amount and repurchases have obviously become more than trustworthy.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due so I want to give these sometimes underrated and obviously neglected beauty products their well-deserved, overdue 5 minutes of fame.
Before I start I want to clear one thing up - this is absolutely not a a paid or a sponsored post nor did I receive any products for review from The Body Shop. The only thing this post shows is that I obviously have no self-control when it comes to numerous sales they have each year and more importantly their products work great and deserve the praise they receive.

First up is The Body Shop whose entire inventory seems to have landed in my bedroom and bathroom but I can't complain because their time-tested, skin-loving ingredients, smart formulations and low prices give everyone a chance to make the most of their skin care regiments. On top of that their background and philosophy is commendable, admirable and makes me want to support them even more!
The Body Shop was not only one of the first beauty companies to start up and encourage recyclable packaging but they were the pioneers of fair trade ingredients and bans on animal testing. They concentrate on using natural ingredients, making sure they are ethically sourced and more than earn their cruelty-free stamp. I feel it is all those attributes that have earned them world-wide popularity and customer loyalty to boot. Evidently that factor is very evident at my house!

Beautysets - The Body Shop
The Body Shop specialty has always been body care but in the past few years their skincare and makeup collections have started stealing the show. Each year they continue to release superior science-backed formulations, with relative natural ingredients, innovative combinations and amazing performance results. For me The Body Shop products is what I reach for when I need something that will absolutely work - its reliable, guilt-free and always smells amazing. How can I lose?
My absolute body care favorites are the Strawberry Shower Gel, the amazing Satsuma Soap, the reliable Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub and who can forget the yumminess of their Banana Conditioner. Even though there are much more affordable versions of their bath accessories elsewhere I find that investing a bit more at The Body Shop will guarantee that I don't have to replace them as often! Its really a win-win because paying a little more gives me better quality, significant durability and my purchase always supports community fair trade! Recently their Africa Shea Butter & Sesame Body Balm has been making a frequent appearance in my bathroom and I can see a definite repurchase very soon!

Beautysets - The Body Shop 2
Who hasn't tried the famous Body Butters yet? They are top sellers for a reason - deep moisturization, gorgeous fragrance and clean ingredients, all combined in one of the most decadents tubs ever made. The matching Lip Butters are just as good and make for an amazing overnight lip treatment that never disappoints. Their newer Born Lippy Stick Balm in Lychee has been getting a lot of game play around here ever since it came home with me last week. Now I wish I had gotten more!
If I had to pick an all time favorite The Body Shop product and one that will be getting a more in depth review soon, then the Beautifying Oils win hands down. I can't get enough of them after a shower or a bath plus a few drops in my hair gives me that subtle fragrance and hydration that is more than needed during the hot summers. They are cheap, good for the skin, smell amazing and last a long time. Sounds like a HG to me!

Beautysets - The Body Shop 3\

The Body Shop skincare was somehow overlooked by me for a long time however ever since i wandered into that corner, each time I come home I seem to add yet another piece to my stash. The Tea Tree OilVitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes and the Aloe Calming Toner have been staples for years but recently I have been hooked on their amazing Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules, which are definitively getting their own review. Lets just say that I had results and compliments within days. The Nutriganics Skin Care Starter Kit is ready for travel, airplane friendly, complete and gentle enough for those transition periods when you don't want to shock your skin too much! The Wise Woman Eye Cream and the Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask have been getting a lot of buzz so they are now definitively on my radar and wish list. 

Beautysets - The Body Shop Makeup

Just like their skincare The Body Shop makeup line-up has been a more recent discovery but if the products I have tried so far are testament to their quality then I can see a lot more orders in my future. The All-In-One BB Cream is a star in my opinion and provides such great coverage without leaving your complexion flat or caky one bit. It actually leaves the skin with a very dewy, youthful glow that lasts for hours. Their Shimmer Cubes are popular for a reason and I can see myself collecting all of their colors easily. Once again they last a long time, look amazing on and are priced so low that I would recommend them to everyone.
My weakness for highlighters was more than satisfied with their Brush On Radiance Balls  and the Sparkler, which are two products that have surpassed my expectations, preformed amazingly and even decorated my vanity. I couldnt be happier with them!

The Body Shop is obviously a brand that has all the Princeza needs covered :-)

Now that you can all see just how much I love The Body Shop hopefully you can recommend some of their products I might have overlooked? 



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  1. Body shop is most favorite. Their butters are so yummm.. <3