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My Signature Scent - PRADA Candy

Prada Candy

I strongly believe that every girl should have her very own fragrance wardrobe as well as her very own signature scent. 
It could be my European roots or my own girly drive but for as long as i can remember I have found the world of perfume very fascinating, mysterious and ultimately deliciously memorable. 
It took me many years to get this right but I believe I have finally found a fragrance that ultimately fits who i am and describes my personality perfectly in a single spritz.

PRADA Candy's sweetness, maturity, complexity and  intoxicating charm is my signature scent and if there was a substance I could fuse with on a permanent basis then this would definitively be it.
The fact that its also the only fragrance I ever completely used up should say a lot too. 

General Description;
Prada CANDY is instantly seductive—pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm. In an explosion of shocking pink and gold, Prada CANDY takes us on a walk on the wild side, showing us a new facet of Prada femininity where more is more and excess is everything. Magnified by white musks, noble benzoin comes together with a modern caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature

Caramel, Musk, Vanilla, Benjoin. 
Careful, Sensual, Sophisticated 

PRADA Candy launched in August 2011 and was headed by the extremely talented Daniela (Roche) Andrier who unfortunately received a lot of criticism for this fragrance composition. A lot of the old-time PRADA fans felt that Candy was too juvenile, too simplistic and not worthy of the fashion giant brand.
I respectfully have to disagree with them!

Prada Candy

The main notes on me are definitively lightly musk-based, with sensual vanilla undertones and topped off by crisp caramel notes that seem to pop up in the end when the fragrance is completely developed.
While I will say that this is definitively a sweet, sugary type of a scent I completely disagree with the juvenile comments. PRADA Candy is a lot more complex and feminine than say the Aquolina Pink Sugar everyone is comparing it to. I own both fragrances and I can attest to the fact that while similar in terms of gourmand category the PRADA Candy is more sophisticated and musky than the Pink Sugar ever hopes to be. 

Prada CandyFragrances and scents in general are such a personal thing, which is a big part of what makes them appealing in the first place so describing what something smells like is extremely subjective and can be terrible inaccurate. 

That being said I would encourage you to test PRADA Candy independently since chances are it will seem very different on you than it does on me. 

PRADA CANDY is available for purchase from our trusty Sephora store. It is one of the pricier fragrance options ($96 for 1.7 fl.oz.) but this is Prada after all so the price tag as usual reflects the brand. 
Most department stores have this is in stock as well however I have found that availability is limited so you might have to do some checking around. 
However if you love PRADA Candy then the hunt is certainly worth it!

I hope this was helpful :-)

Have you tried PRADA Candy? Do you have a signature scent? 



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