Friday, 9 August 2013


I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of "Clean Pretty is Better Pretty" and found some inspiration to try and "clean" out your beauty routines. The entire process is very overwhelming so I recommend trying to change one area at a time - tackle skincare first and then move on to the rest in order to stay motivated.
On the plus side, if you are a cosmetics connoisseur like me, discovery and trialing new products that are actually good for you and your life can even become justifiable fun. We can all appreciate that!

Tata Harper  products are unique in the sense that they are always "100% Natural & Non-Toxic Ingredients 100% of the time" and even more exciting, their founder own the farm where their skin-care ingredients are actually grown. It really doesn't get any fresher than that! Tata Harper formulations do not have any filler ingredients and everything that is included in the product is there for a specific purpose, which is a concept that may sound simple but very few companies actually follow it. This natural company takes advantage of the innovations and knowledge offered by chemists, biologists, botanists and even medical practitioners, in order to ensure up-to-date natural discoveries, extraction techniques and preservation methods, all in their attempt to make the most effective combinations in the skincare industry.
My favorite recommendations from Tata Harper are: Resurfacing Mask ($55), Repairative Moisturizer ($100) and the amazing Revitalizing Body Oil ($90)

Neal's Yard Remedies is one of the oldest natural-organic skincare companies but it is their amazing dedication to creating "clean" products and being "clean" themselves that really makes them stand out! The natural formulations concocted by their brilliant skincare experts are literally made in their own "eco factory" using locally-grown organic ingredients whenever possible. The Neal's Yard Remedies "eco-factory" actually has a CarbonNeutral status which in turn lowers theirs and in a sense your own carbon footprint. The founder Peter Kinderslay is obviously passionate about his products and the ingredients they use because for him organic is the only way to go - "We love organic because no ingredient contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than those which have been organically grown.” 
That kind of talk and my own slight obsessions with anything sporting roses as the main ingredient led me to Wild Rose Beauty Balm ($58) and Wild Rose Beauty Elixir ($70). These two formulas stay true to their name and have a real rose scent which is something so many other companies try to emulate only to end up with a cloying, artifical and watered down flowery fragrance. The real roses used in the Wild Rose line up probably have a lot to do with it.  

Apivita is a apothecary based greek company founded in 1979 by two "real-life" pharmacists Nikos & Niki Koutsianas who shared the same passion for natural-holistic approach to skincare and wanted to create a line featuring bee products and local Greek herbs. Fascinated and obviously inspired by the bee life-cycle (Apivita) they used the same philosophy to create a company developmental model featuring organization, productivity and mutual co-operation. The bee-inspired skincare, bodycare, haircare and aromatherapy features both natural local herbs as well as all forms of bee related by-products, which are harvested at their very own bee farm. There is no better way to control what and how something goes into your product, than growing it yourself!
My favourite Apivita products are Beauty Twins: Hydration + Radiance ($56), Natural Chamomile Oil ($20) and Organic Laurel Oil ($20), which is a hair treatment.

The next brand that took me by surprise is Betty Hula, which is a very affordable UK natural brand that uses Hawaii-Inspired scents to bring that luxurious pampering feel to women who are passionate about "clean" ingredients, handmade beauty and fair trade. What we have here is a nature-inspired brand with a conscience that understands the difference "green" formulas can make in today's busy polluted world. The charming vintage packaging just adds to its appeal and may have influenced my purchase a little bit (ok a lot!). The entire Betty range is hand made, free of any "questionable" additives and only contains minimal preservatives to increase the product longevity and freshness and thereby ensure optimum efficiency once it reaches its clients.
Betty Hoola that inspired me are Secret Wonder Oil ($25) and Champagne & Spice Body Butter ($23).

One of my favorite mid-price discoveries in the "Clean Pretty is Better Pretty" mission is the amazing German brand Lavera that specializes in both natural makeup and organic skincare. When these guys say they are serious about organic ingredients and clean formulas, they really mean it. In fact they regularly welcome and encourage independent scrutiny when it comes to their products and aim to stay transparent in light of the many certifications companies with "natural" claims require to go through. I was beyond impressed after viewing their ingredient policy and award page. There are so many companies (natural or not) that will go to great lengths to cover things up about ingredients or methods they use, so a brand like Lavera is so refreshing to see.
I will be doing a complete separate feature on Lavera and these are my favorites: Revitalizing Face Mask in Organic Wild Rose ($5.76), Intensive Care Liposome Cream in Organic Wild Rose ($40.32) and Body Lotion in Vanilla Coconut ($19.90).

The last brand I want to include in today's "Clean Pretty Is Better Pretty" installment is the one and only Suki, which is likely the one I am most excited about. Suki is one of those companies whose mission statement, humble beginning, commitment to ingredients, scientific research implemented and results; are all so perfect that if they wanted me to be a spokesperson I would probably do it for free. They are the first skin care line that produced visible results during a consumer clinical study and they actually take fuel-cost into consideration when sourcing ingredients and manufacturing locations. Can you believe that there is almost no carbon output from their processing procedures? It really couldnt be more perfect for my "clean" project!
My favorite Suki picks for now are: Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser ($32.95) and Renewal Bio-Resurfacing Facial Peel ($82.95) but that list will hopefully expand very soon.

I hope this was helpful! See you lovelies in Part 3!

What is your favorite natural brand?



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