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I am about to share a quote with you that scared me a little more than I'd like to admit but I am hoping that it will at least inspire me to make some more significant changes in my personal quest for "cleaner living"
According to the Environmental Working Group "one third of personal care products contain at least one chemical linked to cancer" and the main offenders such as parabens, preservatives or phthalates have been proven to do everything from degrading cell DNA to lowering weakened immune systems. 

Its findings and realizations like this motivate me to up my game even more when it comes to choosing better products for both personal and household use. After all ingredients I can pronounce and recognize such as pomegranate, mushrooms, green tea, coconut oil, cocoa, almonds, brown sugar...are so much more pleasant to use and today's natural companies have more than perfected their formulas so you can be assured that they will be effective and safe. 

As a beauty blogger, scientist and just an all-around curious person I already really enjoy trying new products, discovering up-and-coming brands and even just researching unusual ingredients. My humble clean-living mission started out just like that - personal research, company communication and a ton of samples and mini bottles. The journey made it very clear to me that replacing everything I use and consume with a healthier choice can be ridiculously overwhelming and frustrating but the benefits gained can not only be life-changing for me but also for the environment and my immidiate community. 

My "Clean Pretty is Better Pretty" project is nowhere near finished and continues to be and probably always will be a work in progress but I wanted to share some of my findings with you my lovely readers and introduce you to some of my favorite discoveries.

The first brand I looked into that focused on both personal and household products that are clean, eco-friendly, organic and just overall plain-awesome is the now already famous Honest Company. Everything I read and inquired about when it came to their products, philosophy and customer service was beyond impressive that I now can't wait for their expansion to Canada (check their facebook page for updates). I will be placing an order for their Essentials Bundle on day one :-)
They offer everything from household necessities (laundry, dishwasher detergents), personal care products (shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath etc), baby essentials (wipes, diapers etc) and family staples (sunscreen, bug spray). After sampling a few of their creations I am definitively a huge fan!

Aesop is an Australian natural company that covers all the products one can possibly need - skincare, body care, hair care, fragrance and even some unique home based items. This already holds a cult position among the environmentally passionate and responsible individuals and is one of those brands that really never required hype to be successful. The luxurious and charming apothecary style bottles, fresh unconventional
scents and pure but effective formulations are just some of the reasons I was all over their stuff. Their low-key (realistic) promises, research dedication and use of only the best natural concoctions in the Aesop laboratories means that their products will stay true to what they say and there is no worry about any "nasties" causing havoc on your face or body. I had used their appropriately named Amazing Face Cleanser ($33 for 3.4 oz) before and loved it more than I like to admit, along with the Damascan Rose Facial Treatment ($73.00 for 0.9 oz), which is probably one of my favorite products of all time. 

REN Skincare is all over my blog as it is so my love for their products is well-documented (see here!) but I couldn't resist mentioning them. Their "clean skincare" approach was ground-breaking when they first started and the most recent addition to their collection, Rosa Centifolia Foaming Cleanser ($22 for 150 ml) only renewed my obsession with REN. For those unfamiliar with the brand, you need to know that REN skincare does not use parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, glycol, silicone or artificial colors and preservatives in their innovative formulas which means you are getting a product chock-full of natural essential oils, antioxidants and replenishing phytohormones. To me REN is the best example that combining science and nature can result in a product that is effective but doesn't have to be harmful to fulfill its purpose. 

Tammy Fender skincare brand is one of my most recent discoveries and their claim to fame seems to be focused on products based on ancient practices of holistic medicine and custom blended formulations. Basically their approach is centered on creating personalized product lines that deal with the individuals specific skin problems and concerns as companies seem to have finally realized that just because only a few "skin-types" have been established that doesn't mean that all skin should be boxed into such narrow categories. My favorite part of their philosophy and ultimately the reason I placed an order was their stance "everything put onto the skin enters into the body and becomes one with the person". Do we really want cancer-related and cell-destroying substances to become one with our bodies?
The product that wowed me (full review to come!) is the Capillary Strengthening Blend Formula No.CB-459 ($80 for 1 oz), which is a form of serum-oil designed for sensitive skins prone to redness (rosacia). I am so excited about trying more of Tammy's skincare especially since their mission fits most perfectly in the "Clean Pretty is Better Pretty" project!

The Intelligent Nutrients brand may be familiar to long-time Aveda  fans because they were both started by the same person. This brand however is certified organic and makes a seemingly endless number of products in each category - skin, body, hair and even a variety of nutritional supplements. Fun fact about the founder, Horst Rechelbacher - it is said that in 2008 during the launch of Intelligent Nutrients he demonstrated the brands commitment to purity and clean ingredients by actually drinking their new hair spray! I can't think of a better way to make a point about the safety of what you are trying to sell! 
My favorite product from Intelligent Nutrients is the Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Eye Gel ($48 for .5 oz), which claims to reduce fine lines around the eyes in a mere 20 days of religious use! I don't have a whole lot of lines yet (phew!) but I can definitively vouch for the hydration and plumping factor of the eye gel. The delicate skin not just feels better after I use this but it also looks brighter, hydrated and rested. Its a keeper for sure :-)

I hope you enjoyed this little guide and discovered a new "clean" brand to try. 
Please join me in the upcoming installments for more products that are guaranteed not to make you sick :-)

Do you have a favorite natural or organic brand?



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