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The Multi-Taskers - Rodial VS. Nip+Fab

As a beauty blogger I obviously love my products - ok, i am obsessed with them!
The inevitable result of my addiction is that I end up complicating my beauty routine so much that it can take ages to get "ready" for anything (even if its just going to bed!). However since beauty products are not my "whole life" I too end up needing to find a few shortcuts here & there BUT they need to be great to satisfy the craving for pretty!

Multi-tasking Balms are those "creams" marketed, promoted, advertised and pushed along with promises of hundreds of ways they can be used, multiple places they can be slathered on, miracles to be achieved...Well being someone who has tried so many different things over the years, I don't fall for that kind of fluff and PR padding! Sure, the balm may have a 1000 uses, it can fix this and that but ultimately we are talking about a rich moisturizer with a fancy label.
That being said they can be quite lovely and very useful too!

One of my favorites comes from a luxury brand, Rodial and its none other than the cult product Glam Balm Multi.

Rodial Glam Balm

The company describes it as;
Rodial GLAM BALM \multi is an intensive anti-ageing balm. 3D Hyaluronic Filling Spheres instantly hydrate to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while Calendula, Shea Butter and Vitamin E soothe and restore moisture to promote elasticity. 
You can see the 100 uses Rodial recommends here (they are very impressive)

The texture of the Glam Balm is quite thick and dense but that's actually works in its favor since it means that a little goes a long way and once warmed up between your fingertips it preforms beautifully for its primary purpose - moisturizing! The price is quite high ($49) but due to its nature and targeted use, it will last a very long time.
I use it as a hand cream, overnight lip treatment, cuticle moisturizer, eye balm, overnight hydration treatment and even as an in-flight mask. I particularly enjoy the fact that its almost completely fragrance-free, which is an issue i had with the similar type product Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream.

A more affordable version of the Glam Balm actually comes from Maria Hatzistefanis who is the brains behind Rodial anyways! Her "drugstore" line Nip+Fix comes from the UK and takes the same "targeted approach" that made the luxe line famous in the first place. Each Nip+Fix product is marketed with a very specific use, promising ingredients, fun but not juvenile packaging but unlike Rodial, the price won't make you cringe and second-guess every purchase.

Nip + Fab Lip + Nip

Nip+Fix Lip+Nip Fix is decribed as;
No beauty bag should be without this multi-talented gem.  Designed to ‘feed and protect the skin’ from the outside, this rich, soothing, healing balm is perfect for use on the lips, delicate nipples and is a welcome relief on areas of dry, damaged skin.
Blissfully moisturising, this SOS ‘must-have’ contains pure, nourishing lanolin, renowned for its ability to prevent moisture loss, repair the skin’s natural barrier, protect against environmental aggressors, soothe irritation and it has hypoallergenic/bacteriostatic properties.

The Lip+Nip Fix is kind of like GLAM BALM's little sister, working very hard to imitate everything the other does, copying it to a point and succeeding in a very impressive way. It might not come with a fancy 100 things list but I am sure if we put it on the spot it would probably do pretty good. Not to mention that since these little tubes can be purchased for about $5-6 in almost every Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, if I lose a few my heart wont be crushed and my wallet might not hate me as much as it would if its big sister goes MIA. 

I have a stash of multi-taskers by my bedside as well, since they seem to be very useful when i don't want to get up from my comfy position and search for something to smooth over my blobs and bits. These two gems are high performers and they never let me down so they frequently come out to play!

Nip+Fix Lip+Nip Fix can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart or from their own website here
The Rodial GLAM BALM is available here or here

I hope someone finds this helpful!

What is your favorite multi-tasking product?



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