Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Blushing Wardrobe The Pink Edition

If an "outside" person came to look at and attempt to scrutinize my makeup collection, I already know which issue would be #1 topic of discussion...
Blushes! Glorious Blushes! How many blushes does one girl need? Well apparently according to me - at least 10 of each shade! Unfortunately even though i am aware of this rather uncomfortable fact, I know myself well enough to know that I will once again be powerless at the allure of getting that new flush maker. 

I love bright colors, pink makes me happy, shimmer makes me pretty, cute packaging makes me giddy and even though i don't see the point of all these Limited Edition pieces designed to get us into a frenzy, I will admit that some of my favorites happen to be long discontinued. 
A few months ago I decided to go ahead and clean out my vanity, take inventory and do a bit of a purge of the things that i wasn't using at all and see if there are holes in my collection that may need to be filled. 
Upon realizing that i had 20+ pink blushes and not a lot of variation in the other shades I came up with the concept of Blush Wardrobe. 

I believe that just as there is a red lipstick shade for each girl there is also a blush in each color family that flatters specific skin tones. There is a "correct" pink, a red, a peach, a coral and a neutral blush for everyone's coloring; its all a matter of trial and error, swatching, testing and application technique. Trying and swatching is the only way to make sure that a particular shade works for your own Blush Wardrobe - especially since the color of the blush in the pan can sometimes be extremely different from what it will actually look like on your skin. And don't even bother trying to rely on shade pictures online since more often than not the color shown is nothing like the real thing. Shimmer or glitter in blushes is another reason why a blush needs to be swatched  first - the amount of these "sparkles" is highly subjective since something shimmery to me can translate to chunky glitter on someone else. 

The Blushing Wardrobe will obviously take a long time to complete and since there are constant new brands & new collections to try, the blush wardrobe much like your fashion one is always evolving. 
Here are my picks - blushes i use often and colors that seem to flatter my pale Mediterranean skin tone!

*My Signature Pink Choices: 

Christian Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush Rose Petal

Christian Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush: bright, awakening pink blush whose depth depends on the individuals moisture levels. It starts off as pale pastel pink, evolves into a rosy flush and finishes with pinky glow.

NARS Gaiety Powder Blush
NARS Gaiety Powder Blush is simply described as bright candy pink and i really couldn't agree more. What I love about this particular shade is that even though the pigmentation is very strong, the color itself remains true to its nature - pale but prominant barbie pink.

Rock & Republic Contrived Blush in Tease
Rock & Republic Contrived Blush in Tease 
Rock & Republic makeup line is now long gone and I for one miss it. The line had amazing quality, packaging to die for, strong pigmentation, trendy shades and was relatively affordable. Why they discontinued it I'll never understand! R&R cool factor was definitively represented by their line up of beautiful blushes, bronzers and highlighters. I am seriously kicking myself for not having them ALL! 
My third pick for my  Blush  Wardrobe is one of their less celebrated shades - Tease! This little gem looks like its a cross between a lilac and baby pink peonies, resulting in a very unique mauve shade that makes my cheeks glow in a very understated way.

By Terry Liquid Blush in Rosé

By Terry Rose De Rose Sheer Liquid Blush in Fresh Rose (01)
By Terry is one of my favorite brands when it comes to both makeup and skin care and this blush was my introduction to their Rose world! The beautiful pink pigment in this blush comes from actual rose petals, which is confirmed by the true rose scent - there isn't anything artificial about this kind of radiance. I love using this on the weekends with minimal makeup to produce healthy glow with my rose cheeks

I will be adding swatches to this post very shortly so come back if you are interested
The Blushing Wardrobe the Berry Edition coming soon

What are your favorite pink blushes?



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