Thursday, 13 June 2013

New Skincare - New Skin Hope Omorovicza Haul

My skin has been behaving really badly this past month. I don't know if its the season change, the weird weather, Calculus stress, the frequent all-night study sessions or just the Skin Gods punishing me but my complexion has gone from semi-normal to semi-crazy almost overnight. My cheeks are red, my chin is sore and my usually dry skin has decided to produce oil in the oddest places...Thus my usual skincare heroes are helpless, no matter what combination I try.

I have been experimenting with Omorovicza products for some time and everything I tried has always surpassed my expectations, plus their customer service never ceases to amaze me. I had been planing on expanding my Omorovicza collection so when faced with my recent skin disaster I figured I might as well take the plunge and buy something that I already know is high quality.

My first stop was Sephora, Canada where I ordered the Omorovicza five-piece travel set ($95) which includes: Cleansing Foam, Queen of Hungary Mist, Balancing Moisturizer, Deep Cleansing Mask and Thermal Cleansing Balm.

Omorovicza Sephora Travel Set

Sephora describes the set as: 
A collection of products to increase firmness, revitalize, and deeply hydrate while brightening and smoothing the skin.

I think this set will suit my summer and my travels very well so I can't wait to put the whole system to the test. I am also very excited to try the Cleansing Foam and Balancing Moisturizer since those two products are new to me.

Omorovicza Summer Glow Thermal Cleansing Balm Deep Cleansing Mask

I continued my shopping splurge on the official Omorovitza website (here) where I took advantage of the Summer Detox Set, which includes a full size of the Deep Cleansing Mask and a full size jar if the Thermal Cleansing Balm ($180). Both of these are excellent products that i have used before and quite frankly something I can see myself using for pretty much my entire skincare life. 

Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream

After all that damage I decided to really "splurge" and invest in a face cream as well. But not just any cream people - I ordered the Rejuvenating Night Cream ($230), which I hope will fit in nicely into my night time anti-aging routine.
Needles to say I have very-very high hopes for it :-) 

Upon appropriate time testing I will be posting detailed reviews of all Omorovitza products!
Keeping my fingers crossed!

What was your last big splurge? 
Do you consider skincare as an investment? 



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