Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Hero Club of the Month - June

I am sure most of you are familiar with the staple "Monthly Favorites" post, which shows up on almost every beauty blog out there (at some point anyways!)
Well as usual I am "late to the party" but never one to be left behind, I decided to unveil my own line-up of HERO products and things that really made a difference in my girly struggles this month anyway!

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Foundation
Since my skin has been going through some kind of freak-out stage this month, I was forced to break out some heavier-duty foundations to cover it all up. I rediscovered an old favorite, MAKE UP FOREVER Mat  Velvet + Matifying Foundation, which preformed amazingly and actually made me wonder why it was forgotten in the first place. I love the fact that it provides medium to full coverage, remains undetectable, lasts a good 8 hours or more and leaves a "real skin" finish. It covered all redness, blotchiness and breakouts but didn't melt in the humidity either.  Perfection in a bottle and one that will not be put back in the vanity drawer.
You can purchase it here

Benefit Cosmetics Velvet Eyeshadow Fawn Over Me
With finals, classes, all-nighters and feeble attempts to figure out Calculus, this month has been very rushed and I've had to make every minute count in order to balance everything out. Unfortunately that meant that makeup-play was very limited and I've had to stick to a fairly simple, low maintenance look every day. This is where a forgotten Benefit Velvet Eye shadow came in - "Fawn Over Me" is a perfect neutral color that manages to define my eyes without being boring and best of all it takes mere minutes to perfect. 
For your very own click here 

By Terry Or de Rose Elixir Extreme
Whether you are up all night partying or studying or panicking, the result is always the same - lack-luster, dull, sallow and just plain drab complexion. The cure or remedy would of course be a good night sleep and vitamin spiked smoothie but when that cant be scheduled i rely on the beautifully scented By Terry Or De Rose Elixir Extreme to bring me back to life. The price tag is a tad ridiculous ($170) but I cant deny the fact that it does work beautifully and smells like a true summer rose garden. I use a few drops to mix in my foundation, layer it on as a primer or on the days i am really rushed I just wear it by itself. It definitively gives a true illusion of health and radiance without being all obvious about it. 

Origins Dr. Weils Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Mask
In an attempt to calm and heal my skin I dug deep into my stash for some skin pampering and discovered a mask I purchased around Christmas that lay forgotten and lonely. Since my complexion is suffering from the whole trinity - redness, reactivity and irritation, Origins Dr. Weils Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Mask seemed like a perfect fit. I was impressed after just one use! My skin felt soothed, hydrated, cooled and in general a lot more comfortable. The results in the mirror were just as promising too - the redness was almost completely gone after 10 minutes. The instructions say to leave on for 10 minutes and then tissue off, however i like rinsing it off just to make sure its removed completely. Its a little pricy ($45 here) but it made such a difference for me that i don't even care about that aspect.   

Have you tried any of these? What are your HERO products this month?



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