Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Summer Time Dew That Doesn't Leave You Eww...

Canadian summers can be pretty hot and sometimes just as intense as our famous winters. Living on the Atlantic coast by the ocean does have its perks of course however in the summer sometimes the humidity can start to wreck havoc on my complexion and general "stickiness"

Having combination skin, bordering on dry my skin requires a lot of fine tuning and that is never more true than when the seasons start changing. It is almost as if my skin does a complete transformation and suddenly overnight all of my secret weapons and big-impact skincare work no longer preform the way they should. My usually combination skin starts to oil up a lot more, the texture becomes rough and my cheeks get flushed almost permanently. 

The hardest thing for me to figure out while i am building a new skincare routine is the elusive perfect summer appropriate moisturizer. The choices are endless but my warmer weather skin cream needs to check off a lot of boxes before getting a privileged spot in my bathroom and vanity. 
The perfect formula should moisturize deeply, absorb quickly, leave a dewy matte finish, contain great ingredients, be portable and be suitable for sensitive or reactive skin.
Its a tall order for any product - its a lot to ask from a moisturizer but i am happy to report that there are brands that deliver everything i want!

Here are my Top 5 Picks 

Avene Hydrance Optimale Legere
This is what i would call a bare-bones moisturizer. There is nothing fancy about this formula, no outrageous claims, the price tag is reasonable and sensitive skins can use this comfortably. I love the fact that it can come with or without SPF and that its completely fragrance free 

I am a huge Omorovicza fun so including one of their creams was a no brainer. Its meant for dry and/or sensitive skin with bonus ruby crystals that use light-reflection to blurr and soften facial features. I absolutely love this cream and will continue to repurchase despite the price tag - with Omorovicza you always get        what you pay for and more

 Ole Henriksen Truth Creme Advanced Hydration

This moisturuzer manages to be rich and silky and at the same time feels light and absorbs very quickly. The Vitamin C in both the creme and the serum heals, brightens, hydrates deeply and boosts collagen production. The combination of serum and cream together is amazing - you wont believe how soft your face will be.

The flawless skin skincare collection has some misses for me but this moisturizer really lives up to its flawless promise. Its a little richer formula compared to my other pics but the velvety feel makes it a winner for me and the fact that it has SPF is always a bonus 
Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Mega Moisturizer SPF 15

What are your favourite Summer Moisturizers? 



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