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Dior Addict Lip Glow Lives Up To Its Name

I don't repurchase many beauty products! There are always so many new things out there that I want to try, new lemmings that call out my name and whisper sweet promises directly to the all-believing wide-eyed girl, always looking for that new it-item...What I am trying to say is that things can get very overwhelming in The Canadian Principessa beauty world so if something wants to make a repeat appearance then it has to be basically amazing from start to finish!

The Dior Addict Lip Glow has now been repurchased three times so that fact alone means that this somewhat pricy "lip balm" has managed to impress me to a point that despite the fact that i am surrounded by things my lips love I just had to find a way to make it mine again and again. 

Christian Dior Addict Lip Glow

The Dior fancies at Sephora describe the Lip Glow like this;
A sheer balm that enhances your natural lip color while moisturizing and protecting the skin.
What it "promises" to do for us;
Awaken and enhance the natural beauty of your lips with this unique balm that promises the perfect pout. Formulated with color reviver technology, this silky lipstick reacts with the chemistry of your lips to create a special shade that will last all day. The addition of SPF 10 will keep you protected, while hydrating mango butter and loofah extract nourish for beautiful luscious lips. 

Despite the fact that I have purchased exactly 3 tubes of this pink, girly perfection, I have some specific problems with the description given by Dior and subsequently endorsed by Sephora and other retailers. Personally I feel that the official spiel is kind of misleading for anyone purchasing this sight-unseen, for example on line or anyone who takes company jargon too literally. This is the perfect example of a product where personal reviews and blog posts are significantly more useful than any amount of item information found on actual retail sites. 

Christian Dior Addict Lip Glow

Lets start with the fact that this is initially introduced as a "sheer balm" that is suppose to moisturize your lips and at the same time "enhance" the natural lip color of the wearer. Now enhancing a color is kind of an abstract term - at least for me! Does it mean it will brighten my natural lip color? Or add tint and shine to give it more of a "pretty" look? For me i have to say that the brightening is most prominent and the effect gets stronger the longer the balm stays on my lips, hence the correct labeling it as a "lip glow". However a balm this is not, maybe a very-very sheer one but if your lips are in need of any amount of moisturization then this is not going to help at all. The good news is that a light layer of any non-waxy lip balm underneath the Dior Addict will not interfere with it's intended "glow" feature. 

If you continue reading the official description the Lip Glow is also refereed to as a "silky lipstick" that is suppose to "last all day" and lets not forget about the protection claims given to the low SPF 10 included in the formulation. Well after having used this for so long I can confidently disagree with the "lipstick" label, simply because the added tint does not contain any pure pigments and the graduation of color is supposedly produced by a chemical reaction triggered by your own body temperature. Calling it a lipstick is just silly and can mislead first-time buyers into thinking they are getting an altogether different product type, which can easily result in disappointment and inevitably complaints! And it does not last all day, 4-5 hours without eating is its limit! 

Since most of you lovelies already know about importance of SPF then I don't need to comment too loudly about the fact that almost all dermatologists now recommend a minimum of SPF 15 for adequate protection, meaning that the SPF 10 in the Dior Addict Lip Glow is just not going to cut it. I would expect a high-end company like Dior to improve basics like that in the future and at least consider revising some of the "claims" promised in their eloquently written description. 

For those of you dedicated enough to have made it this far, it must be puzzling why I would repurchase a product so many times if I found so many things that I disagree with. 
Well, the short answer is that I am addicted to the "lip glow"! Dior nailed that part perfectly - my lips look brighter, lusciously supple, comfortable and finished with a very subtle, sophisticated glossy sheen. The main attraction of course is that promised "lip glow" - the tint starts off as a subtle English rose, slowly blooming into that very fresh bright Barbie pink that really pops and compliments my fair undertones like no other "regular" pink lipstick. Most conventional pink lipsticks usually end up washing me out,resulting into a very sallow skin tone or they are so bright that i end up feeling kind of "trashy" or self-conscious, which inevitably leads to short wear-time anyways. 

If you need any more evidence that i am hopelessly girly in every aspect of what that means then i will also point out that the Dior Lip Addict Lip Glow comes in a beautiful,  feminine but also classy PINK tube, which in itself was a major factor in the initial tube purchase. The pattern will continue :-) Sad, I know!

You can guys can purchase your very own Lip Glow here
This seems to be one of their bestsellers since they are often sold out, so if you want it I would suggest pouncing on it as soon as it comes in stock.  

Dior released some additional items to the "Dior Addict Lip Glow" line up just to tempt me -  Addict Lip Glow ($30) and Dior Nail Glow ($24). I hope to bring their reviews to you soon!

Christian Dior Addict Lip Glow GlossChristian Dior Nail Glow

Recently I discovered that the L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Pink Satin is a great quality but also significantly more wallet friendly "dupe-like" alternative to the Dior Lip Glow. You can check out my review on the L'Oreal version here.   

Have you tried any of the Dior Lip/Nail Glow products? What did you think? 



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