Friday, 31 May 2013

Things to Look Forward To - Upcoming Posts

I am sure that most people who have viewed this blog in the past few days are "painfully" aware how new this is to me and just how much I have to and need to learn about proper blogging, tech support, editing, photography, design....pretty much everything! This is a huge learning curve for me so feedback, suggestions, tips and most importantly patience will go a long way to help "The Canadian Principessa" fulfill its true potential.

I received a few lovely encouraging emails, messages, comments and even a tweet from one of my favorite bloggers (Liz from Beauty Reductionista!!!) - so unexpected and so amazing all at once. The best part however was learning that my beautiful (and missed so much!) cousin, Samra, is now going to be reading my blog all the way from our own hometown SARAJEVO (BiH) - a fact that will only motivate me even more to grow and be better with each post!
Thank you for your kindness, it means more than you know and I already know that it will make a difference for me and my beauty brain!

As I am now knee-deep in blogging excitement, full of inspiration & ideas and in a bit of a beauty frenzy I wanted to take advantage of my enthusiasm and plan a few future blog posts to give you a tiny glimpse of my current obsessions.

- Revamped skincare routine featuring some new products by Omorovicza
- Brand Spotlight coming from the UK - REN - skincare brand that i am very familiar with
- "When in France" - Skincare Essentials Order
- "European Skincare - the Underrated Version"
- "Principessa's Glow - They Dont Glitter" - Powder vs. Liquid Highlighters
- "Battle of the Hair Oils" - mini reviews of my top 5
- "Spring to Summer Makeup Base Wardrobe" - Canadian Version
- "Why Mini Beauty is Better Beauty (for me!)
- "High Maintenance Girls Can Go Camping" The Must Have Kit
- "Products That Made me Sad"

- Reviews, Reviews, Reviews...galore...

If you guys have any ideas, or if there is something you want to see or know please dont hesitate to comment or email me! I will try to get back to you ASAP



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