Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Little Luxuries of My Life - Chistian Dior Creme de Rose 001 Lip Treatment

Hi everybody - my name is Anja and i am a lip balm addict!
It gets worse - i am a high end lip treatment junkie and i am too far gone...interventions will not work BUT new brands might :) You may know me from all the other lip balm posts...

I am ashamed to count all the little fancy jars around my house - By Terry, Nuxe, La Mer, Givenchy, Dior...I have pretty much tried them all and cringed at the checkout each time but obviously not enough since the little pots are multiplying & taking over my humble home.

Dior's Creme de Rose was a no-brainer for me because i adore rose scents and the vintage pot made me feel all warm & fuzzy...The texture is very balm-like, there is no stickiness or waxy feel, no weird flavor, the lips feel nourished and the lovely rose scent doesn't linger for too long (boo for me!). Instead of the typical glossy finish i would describe this as more of a matte subdued shine, making it ideal as a lipstick or gloss base.

One issue i had with this was the unexpected & surprising color change in the pot itself. When i first purchased it, the balm was a rosy pink shade but after a few months the color transformed to bright yellow! I was told that the reason was oxidation of the rose oils, which are key in the formulation...There were no other changes - the scent, texture, feel and performance stayed the same but i cant deny that i was a little disturbed by the neon yellow shade.
Chistian Dior Creme de Rose 001

It might seem like i am being petty but that's the only reason i wouldn't repurchase this again. Even though the color change didn't affect the effectiveness of the balm, I was put off to say the least. The price tag, the brand and rave reviews made me expect more. So even though i am happy i bought it, i wasn't completely wowed so i found myself using it less and less. Then again a few things can compete with my HERO By Terry Baume de Rose :)

Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm can be purchased at Sephora here

Did your Dior Crème de Rose change colour too? Maybe mine was a "dud"!

Do you have a favorite lip treatment?  Any suggestion for my next lip balm hunt?



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  1. Mine changed color too. Seems to be a pretty common issue.