Saturday, 25 May 2013

Chantecaille - Limited Edition La Baleine Blanche Highlighter Palette

Chantecaille - Limited Edition La Baleine Blanche Highlighter Palette

At first glance this may seem like another one of those "incredibly beautiful collector pieces" that are wonderful to look at but confusing & difficult to use!

I have many of those - things that were just too pretty to pass up, exciting to own & display but ultimately bound to end up collecting dust, crumbling and being forgotten in a random vanity drawer :( Well I was determined to stop this cycle of collecting and accumulating pretty things, spending a fortune on products that i simply cant use and figuring out a way to get the most of my rather large stash of "dust collectors"

Chantecaille is a wonderful brand and i own a lot of their stuff that i use on a daily basis. The quality is impeccable, the ingredients are great, the attention to detail is amazing but most importantly their brand philosophy is something i can get behind. Which is probably why i have so many pretties from them.

The La Baleine Blanche compact is meant to be used for facial highlighting although the 4 shades can also be used individually as well (eye shadow?). The colours are pearly matte white, soft metallic gold, champagne taupe and golden light brown - all of which combine together easily with any blush or powder brush. On cheeks it imparts a luminous glowy dewy sheen but also appears natural & matte too, which is something i didn't think was possible. The texture is so creamy and luxurious that it glides on so effortlessly that its almost goof-proof!

Its become one of my favourite highlighters and i am so glad that i finally mustered the courage to stop admiring it and actually start using it. And its still beautiful to look at, both in the mirror and the compact itself!

Chantecaille La Baleine Blanche ($113) is not in stock on their official site but it can still be purchased on Strawberry Net here.

Other Chantecaille products can be found on their official site here.

How do you guys feel about "collector pieces" like this?



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