Saturday, 25 May 2013

Every Girl Needs One Chanel Lipstick in her Life - Rouge Coco Shine in Liberte

I love PINK! I have been in love with any kind of pink since birth and most of my purchases (makeup or otherwise) are heavily influenced by my fixation. I don't even know if pink works for me or if its suited for my colouring - if its pinky or has pink in the name, chances are i will own it at some point...

During my recent beauty clear-out i discovered that my obsession is getting a tad-bit out of control...unused pink lipsticks/glosses galore while other color options were limited to say the least. Being the diligent beauty collector i decided it was high time to build a wearable lipstick wardrobe that wont collect dust on the vanity and could inspire more versatility in my makeup looks! OK i needed an excuse to buy more lippies....See how easy it is for me to justify a purchase! Somehow I went from having too many lipsticks to needing new ones :-)

I own several Chanel Rouge Coco Shines (mostly pink or nude) so i knew experimenting with color within this range was doable since the lipsticks are so sheer, shiny, classy and usually a good investment (if you know what you are getting!). The low reviews all seem to revolve around pigmentation but i want to respectfully remind everyone that even Chanel describes these as sheer & glossy.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberte The texture reminds me more of a tinted balm then a lipstick - its moisturizing on its own, adds a touch of colour, shiny finish, all of which results in low staying power (3-4 hours on me).

Liberte was my first coral-like shade and even though the pink-lover in me resisted i ordered it sight-unseen and discovered a whole new side to me. Due to its sheerness this lipstick is so versatile that i find works with almost any look - daytime especially, office approved but can easily be used at night too, due to the gloss factor :)

As long as you know you are getting a very sheer lipstick then i say try it - especially if you are trying to expand your colour horizons like me!

To purchase Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Liberte and more information click here

How do you justify your high end purchases? What's your favorite lipstick?



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