Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Collection - Paul & Joe Disney Face Colors - Flower and Bambi

In this post I will introduce you to two of my favourite pieces from my collection - prepare to be overwhelmed by cuteness

As a true beauty enthusiast and a long-time Disney fan I knew I wanted and "needed" these two Paul & Joe collectibles! Unfortunately I discovered them long after their release, meaning they were already sold out, had already reached collectible status and were selling on Ebay for a $100. However once I focus on something I want, I go for it full force and find a way! After paying a ridiculous sum of money a way was found and I was the proud owner of the cutest blushes in the world. I have no regrets at all.

Paul & Joe Disney Face Colour Flower

Paul & Joe Disney Face Colour Flower

The "Flower" (skunk) Classical Pink 002 blush is the loveliest Barbie baby pink blush I have ever seen. It manages to be intensely pigmented but also retain its "paleness" on the cheeks, giving you that slightly flushed doll look. It has that instant "oh pretty" look! The blush itself is made up of evenly pink pigment balls with slight shimmer to them, nestled in a sturdy cardboard box along with a cute puff on top - as you can see the packaging is adorable as well. Both blushes are 25g or 0.88oz so you are definitively getting a lot of product in each box so I seriously doubt I will ever use these up, which is perfectly fine with me :-)

Paul & Joe Disney Face Colour Bambi

Paul & Joe Disney Face Colour Bambi

The "Bambi" Classic Peach 001 gives you a peachy-light coral flush and its definitively the more matte shade of the two blushes. The adorable packaging is exactly the same as the "Flower" but with everyone's favourite Bambi on the box. As adorable the mini puff is, its not very efficient or suitable to apply blush to the cheeks without it being patchy or "stamped on" so I always use one of the many blush makeup brushes I have and my problem is solved :-)

Even though these blushes are no longer available, unfortunately for me Paul & Joe is releasing adorable cosmetics every season and some are too irrisistable to resist - check them out here

I hope you enjoyed this post - What are your most prized makeup pieces?



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