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Call For Hydration With Pure+Simple Organic Rosehip Face Oil

My love of natural skincare and general quest for a healthier lifestyle has introduced me to several amazing brands that would have been otherwise overlooked had I not done the necessary research. In the past few years I have found myself paying close attention to clean, natural or organic ingredients in all my personal care products - skeptical at first (as usual!) but at this point the transformation and the obvious visible results are impossible to deny.

One of the main reasons I resisted the "natural path" was simply my own ignorance and the preconceived notions that these new "hippy with a side of hype" new brands couldnt possibly compete with the big beauty names who have all kinds of money and research to quote over-and-over again! Lets not forget that a lot of "natural" products also have a very different feel and look when it comes to their packaging and formula texture. It doesnt help that I simply despise the oily, tacky consistency and residue of anything  that comes into contact with my ridiculously girly persona. I was also completely hooked on the nice, clean fragrances that my "regular" brands come with, while the natural products had scents that were a bit more concentrated, herb-like and in some cases even pungent. My signature scent is PRADA Candy and that should tell you just how deep my girly notions can be!

Discovery of essential oils and their super individual powers changed everything about my attitude and how I viewed the field of natural-organic direction.The introduction and popularity of facial oils into the mainstream beauty world  changed my mind about the improvement in the oil medium textures and my own aversion to them. However it was essentially finding brands like the Canadian Pure+Simple Spa company that solidified my resolve to explore my options again and finally realize that the Big-Beauty-Brands might not be everything the vehemently claimed they were.
I guess you can say I had to eat my words and get re-educated!

If you know this blog then you are already aware how passionate I am when it comes to all kinds of skincare but the products I appreciate the most are definitely treatment serums and facial oil concoctions. In fact I already have several posts regarding those categories and if you want to see what other oils I recommend just click here! 

Today I wanted to introduce you to one of the first oil treatments that I started out with - the fact that this product  has been repurchased several times and used by a lot of people I personally know, is a testament to the quality and result driven formulation.
My own affinity to rose oils and love for multi-purpose products doesn't hurt either. 

Without further ado I give you -  Pure+Simple Organic Rosehip Face Oil ($39.95 for 50 ml) 

Official Description;
Rosehip oil contains 80% essential fatty acids (EFAs), predominantly linoleic
(Omega 3) and linolenic (Omega 6) and is naturally enriched with antioxidants like
beta-carotene and lycopene.
Naturally contains Trans-Retinoic Acids that helps regenerate damaged skin tissue
Helps to decrease and prevent hyperpigmentation, wrinkles + scars
A perfect skin rehydrator that restores moisture balance

Organic Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip) Oil

Directions for uses;
Use as a hot oil treatment for brittle, damaged hair or as a scalp treatment
Use in place of a moisturizer day and/or night
Use under your moisturizer for ultra hydration and/or to prevent/correct fine lines and pigmentation

The texture of this Organic Rosehip Facial Oil is one of the things I love most about using it. The oil is very lightweight, lighter than the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil and even my favorite REN Rose O12 Moisture Defense Serum, making it perfect for the transitioning season period (Fall or Spring) for most skin types. I can imagine that girls with oily skin can get away with using this under a moisturizer in the winter or apply it alone in the summer. Since my skin is a little bit drier the Pure+Simple Organic Rosehip Face Oil works beautifully year round as a basic skincare hydration boost treatment.
Its the perfect everyday care oil that will not interfere with the rest of your skincare or even makeup like some of the richer formulations out there. The silky liquid sinks into the skin wonderfully and doesn't leave any tacky or greasy residue on the surface, making sure that the only thing you end up with  is hydration and deep nourishment. The complexion you get is soft, healthy, radiant and pampered.

The scent is very mild and certainly fits in the non-offensive category although I have heard certain people mention that they sense a slightly fishy fragrance. If you are very sensitive to odor this might be a slight issue but keep in mind that even this slight natural scent disappears within minutes once applied to the skin.
The purpose of the oil treatment is geared towards preventative anti-aging and soothing sensitive, irritated dry skin.
However where the Organic Rosehip Facial Oil truly shines and delivers the most is the area of sun damage or hyper-pigmentation trouble spots. For me this is one of the few products that has actually made a difference when it comes to fading darker post-acne scars and the unfortunate sun spots caused by sunscreen neglect. I paid the price for skimping on proper skin protection during my teenage years! Like with all skincare the transformation doesnt come overnight but after a few weeks the change will be very obvious in the mirror!

Heed my warning - sunscreen the heck out of it because as you probably already know its a lot easier to prevent something than to have fix, conceal or treat later!

Have you tried the Pure+Simple Organic Rosehip Face Oil ($39.95 for 50 ml)?
What is your favorite facial oil?

Thank you for reading



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