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Something Not So Taupe Ordinary - BUTTER London All Hail The Queen

As a beauty blogger and a lifetime member of the girly club I have no problem appreciating the various trends and fields of our vast cosmetic world. I love researching and reading about new product releases almost as much as I like actually using the newly found beauty items. There is so much amazing inspiration and creativity that brews in our blogosphere and I am constantly impressed (and intimidated) by my fellow connoisseurs whose blog posts transform a piece of cosmetic into a colorful work of art, showcasing it in the best possible way! 

The best examples of artistic beauty presentations can be found in the staggering number of nail art galleries whose sophisticated, intricate and precise tutorials leave me with both admiration and a weird sense of incompetency. My own attempt at such a project has failed miserably more than once and I've had to admit that my fine motor skills and required patience are just not up to par for something that complicated. Lets just say that my nail art is achieved only through the use of the new nail foil stickers or by a salon, trained professional. Basically I cheat and admire the real thing from afar!

Browsing the nail blogs might not be able to help me in the decoration department but it definitively can bring some new nail polish colors and brands to the forefront for my very own simple manicure sessions. Some of my favorite nail colors have been discovered just like that!

BUTTER London nail polishes came to my attention about a year ago when I noticed their beautiful color collections on several of my favorite blogs and forums. The fact that their products were 3 Free (non-toxic) and didnt contain the usual nasties like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens was commendable and played a huge factor in my decision to invest in some of their unique shades. 
Their drive to transform the catwalk trends into a modern, current and fashionable custom nail color palette has made BUTTER London into a cult phenomenon, resulting in their numerous collaborations with some of the most high-end fashion designers. 

After hearing so much hype and praise for the BUTTER London All Hail The Queen Polish ($17.00) and looking up numerous online swatches I decided to take a chance and place the order, sight unseen.
A nail polish designed and inspired by the late designer Alexander McQueen in mind was pretty much destined to achieve some kind of royal status! Based on those specs alone I knew it wouldn't be anything less than fabulous and maybe even spiked with a little bit of flash for good measure. 

Official Description;
Rock it like royalty in this holographic beige! 

When the object of my affection arrived in the mail I have to admit that I was a little bit underwhelmed after all the hype and visions of grandeur I had built up in my head! In the bottle BUTTER London All Hail The Queen polish is essentially a shimmer infused nude-taupe kind of color and the promised holographic effect seems to be a little understated. I was expecting a wow factor but there was first!  

All Hail The Queen takes about two coats for an opaque finish, but once it's on, it's one of the most beautiful polishes I've ever worn. It looks different depending on the lighting, transforming from a mushroom taupe color indoors to a shimmery nude in direct sunlight.
The sparkle effect is achieved through the micro-fine holographic shimmers that scream sophistication without a trace of tackiness or anything gaudy. 

The nature of the taupe family colors means that this will suit all skin-tones and the infused special effect holographic sparkles are what makes this shade look different on everyone, which is ultimately what makes it so amazing. 
Its a fantastic addition to anyone's polish collection and I am so happy to have my very own! 

If you want to refresh your polish repertoire check out Ulta for the BUTTER London Glam Rock 6 Pc Set ($39.00) which includes All Hail the Queen, Pillar Box Red, Slapper, Trout Pout, West End Wonderland and NEW Buckie.

Thank you for reading! 

Do you have a favorite nail polish color or brand!



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