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My Deliveries - Elle Canada Beauty Box

Everybody loves getting packages and deliveries in the mail! In today's metropolis driven world where online shopping has become a completely regular (and beautifully convenient) phenomenon the mailman is no longer just a source of boring bills, far-away postcards and the occasional greeting cards. In fact with the vast expansion of the subscription box market, reliable international shipping options and fast-paced growth of online shopping sites - your mailman can quickly become one of your all time favorite civil servants, bringing all kinds of treasures that are bound to delight every single one of your senses!

When an unexpected, pink rose patterned, sweetly scented, beauty filled box, postmarked by the ubberly fashionable Elle Canada arrives at your door at the end of a very bad day, let's just say a girly girl like me is more than tempted to hug said mailman and scare the poor guy into oblivion. 
However as a frequent flier user of the mail system I recognize the risks of such behavior and  settle for a good old-fashionable happy dance! 

The Elle Canada Beauty Box is a fairly new promotional program that operates a little differently from the standard subscription box plans. The main difference of course is the fact that the Elle Canada Box is absolutely free (no shipping charges either) and doesn't have a particular delivery schedule (at this time). A few months ago, Elle Canada, had a promotion through their website inviting girls to sign up, fill out a short survey after which the participants were informed that if they were "eligible" Elle  would send them a special beauty kit for consideration and possible review in the standard 6-8 week time frame. Basically the entire process was a bit of a mystery, as nobody was clear on the eligibility criteria, whether or not they would get the implied beauty set or what the box would entail in terms of products.

The theme was thought to be Fall Beauty 2013 but even that bit was more of a speculation than actual concrete fact. 
Seeing how I had almost forgotten about this beauty opportunity the arrival of this adorably girly All-Star Box left me both delighted and excited to discover what Elle Canada deemed to be a Fall 2013 Must Have! 

A beauty kit curated by a trendsetting giant such as Elle holds a certain level of predetermined expectations when it comes to product choices. Seeing how this was an essentially free box I was even more curious to see what lay hidden in the chic pink box! 
Lets just say - I was both surprised and delighted with the un-boxing ceremonies!
My Elle Canada Fall 2013 kit included;

- Cover Girl Outlast Glosstinis Mini in Sangria (515) *Limited Edition*
- Cover Girl Clump Crusher by Lashblast in Black (805) *Full Size*
- Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Restoring Repair Mini Shampoo (1.69 fl. oz.)
- Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Restoring Repair Mini Conditioner (1.69 fl. oz.) 
- Crest 3D Whitestrips 2 Hour Express Dental Whitening Treatment (one strip)
- Venus Gillette Coupons 

Elle Canada included a mini magazine, "Looking Glass - The Lookbook" along with the beauty samples which was a lovely addition to an already amazing box. 
For once the box literature actually relates to the box contents, meaning that Lookbook really features the products received. It's filled with unique fall & winter styling tips and showcases helpful step by step tutorials to achieve the new trendsetting looks. Basically this is not some useless filler paperwork - this has the potential to be used as well. 

My final verdict is obviously very positive. The Elle Canada Fall 2013 Beauty Box included relevant, trendy and useful beauty bits that any girl would love and use on an everyday basis. In reality this is the first box I received where I know each and every item will get used - a rarity in the beauty box industry for someone as picky as me :-)

I am so excited about the Cover Girl Outlast Glosstini in Sangria - I can't wait to report on its awesomeness in the near future :-)

Thank you for reading!

Have you received the Elle Beauty Box? Do you subscribe to other beauty boxes?



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  1. I LOVED my elle beauty box :) I am like the hugest fan of your blog !!
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