Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Enjoying The Little Things In Life - The September Edition

Everyone has "things" that make their lives a little sweeter - favorites that give that extra "kick" to the day and make reality a bit more bearable and worth waking up to.
As a beauty blogger and a girly girl these "life perks" obviously include a lot of pretty cosmetics and sparkly products that I like to talk about but believe it or not there are a few other things that make my world go round.
Today I am very excited to share the "little things" that have been making me happy in the past little while and hopefully you can introduce some of your own treasures in the comments. I am always looking for inspiration from my fellow beauty aficionados :)

French Macaroons

I already know that fancy packaging is very important to me and French Macaroons prove this preference without a doubt. Just looking at these tasty little morsels makes me smile. The infinite beautiful colors, flavor combinations and chic French beginnings are all reasons why I think macaroons are the perfect treat for every girl that appreciates the finer things in life. Pairing these "melt-in-your mouth" sugary bites with a lovely cup of tea has the ability to elevate any afternoon to a dreamy, sophisticated spectacle and perhaps reveals my affinity to pine for the Maria Antoinette "Let Them Eat Cake" era.

Cooking and all other Kitchen Escapades are definitively not something I partake in very often and after watching the many attempts of various "domestic divas" on YouTube and the Food Network, I am hesitant to even try my luck but seeing how these are hard to come by in my area I am likely to recruit someone with more experience to help me very soon!

Love's Baby Soft Fragrance 

Does anyone remember these soft little wonders? More importantly, does anyone still use this beautiful nostalgic scent? I re-discovered this small, cute bottle from my perfume collection a few weeks ago and haven't stopped using it ever since! I know its not the most sophisticated scent ever made but there is something so sweet and effortless about its wear that feels so comforting and beautiful to me and at the end of the day isn't all that matters?
Maybe its nostalgia but I really can't deny the attraction so I was thrilled to see that its still available and probably one of the most affordable choices I have!

Global Table Adventure

This is a really odd choice for me, seeing how I don't cook one bit but the appeal of "Eat Our Way Around the World" concept has become completely irresistible to me. I love looking up different countries on their Interactive Map, exploring menu options and discovering deliciously unique flavor combinations that can inspire anyone whose palate is even a little bit adventurous.
Being from the Balkans my favorite pages are obviously Bosnia and HercegovinaSerbiaMontenegro and Macedonia BUT the Coconut Curd Jam recipe from Asia has had me obsessed for weeks now. Its definitively on my to-do list!

The Short Game Movie

I am a big-big movie lover and even though I am not a movie critic in any shape or form, I can be pretty vocal when I love or hate something that is buzzed about. 

The Short Game movie gives a very unique, real-life glimpse into the lives of eight 7-year old professional golfers, training and competing in the World Championship of Junior Golf held in Pinehurst, North Carolina. These little boys and girls at a very young age are suppose to represent the next-big things in the competitive and rather overwhelming sport sub-culture, all the while maintaining somewhat normal family and childhood dynamics everyone else has to deal with. I am fascinated with real-life stories and any sport athletes dedication is always very inspiring to me BUT the fact that these are little kids make this movie even more amazing and compelling to watch. At 7 years old these little marvels of energy are doing more than I could ever dream about so given the chance to see how this is all balanced with their "regular life" is bound to be both entertaining and interesting to watch.
Take a look at the trailer and don't forget - this is coming to theaters on September 20th!

Fall TV Lineups 

After a rather disappointing summer of overplayed and rather appalling television choices (Big Brother 15 anyone?) I am finding myself very excited about what the Fall season might have to offer! I am a huge Walking Dead fan so the anticipation for Season 4 has been building up for a very long time now and I am currently engaged in a rather pathetic countdown to the premiere on October 13 on AMC.
The Teaser Trailer is now out and I am once again completely enthralled.

See what I mean?

Juicy Couture

Much has been said about Juicy Couture and their branding practices. I completely understand the reviewers labeling their accessory and apparel offerings as juvenile, loud, tacky and perhaps too trendy for fashionistas behind the big-name fashion blogs. I get it and agree with a lot of their points too! However Juicy Couture is just way too fun for me to turn away - I absolutely love their beautiful colors, numerous texture options, in your face graphics and the in your-face, glamorous notice-me advertorials. I have never been trendy a day-in my life but I have always tried to be fun so Juicy definitively caters to my girly side! Just take a look at one of my lust objects from a few seasons past!

A completely girly, pink, sparkly disaster that I wanted very badly! 

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Please share your favorites too, I am always looking for more things to obsess over :-)



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  1. I agree :) Big fan of juicy couture ( who isnt ?? lol ! )
    and uhhh I LOVE macaroons they are so chic and somehow '' fashionable'' lol
    ~ xxx
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