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Brandbacker - Be a Star with BA STAR

I might have a ridiculously large makeup, skincare and other "necessary" cosmetic collection AND my naturally adventurous girly nature may constantly drive my need to try and experiment with new products and brands all the time BUT that doesn't mean that I am particularly good at any specific field of the beauty world. In fact my only real skill seems to be centered around the whole accumulation process and my sheer willingness to try and "play"  with any type of product that fits my "prettiness" mantra.

Unfortunately mineral makeup, loose powdery products and colour pigments usually don't quite fit in to my prim, proper, girly Princeza world. After repeated try-outs, brand switch-ups, tons of reviews and seemingly countless YouTube tutorial videos I have been forced to admit that they are just too messy, too cumbersome and definitively not fool proof for a klutzy novice like myself. 
However the beautiful colors, lovely textures, enviable finishes and the numerous skin-loving benefits continue to entice me all the time so I find myself coming back with renewed hopefulness and even a few stars in my eyes whenever there is something new to discover... My pre-occupation and slight obsession with all things "sparkly" doesn't help matters either :-)

When I was given the opportunity to try a new to me brand, BA STAR (through Brandbacker) whose specialty is all-things-that glitter AND whose professional makeup videos actually make those starry looks doable for beginners like me - I have to be honest, my excitement was through the roof! I will spare you the details but a happy dance was involved. 
The BA STAR Cosmetics site describes the brand as the #1 hit with Cheerleaders, Dancers, Competitors & Trend Setters (basically anyone who needs staying power when it comes to their makeup). \So if this makeup is good enough for that level of activity then surely it should preform spectacularly for a girl like me who hasn't broken a sweat in years!

And check this out from their own description!
Core Values. Convenience, Value, & Customer Service  
Whether you're a Top Ranked Competitor or just Starting Out!
Remember, even the Best were "Beginners" 
So, be Creative. Try Something New! Never be Afraid!

See for once my excited happy dance and renewed hope for my new "mineral pigment" beginnings could actually be justified! 

The two products I received for consideration are BA STAR Chocolate Star Dust ($8.75 for .5 oz) and the companion Glitter Glue Primer ($8.75 for 1.5 oz). The Chocolate Dust is a soft shimmer, high sparkle loose mineral shadow that manages to concentrate all the possible brown shades in to a dazzling, not-so-neutral eye accent. 

The Glitter Glue Primer is exactly what the name implies - sweat proof, heavy duty glue primer that holds both eyeshadows and chunky glittery pigments like nothing else I have ever tried. If you have an issue with any kind of fall-out then this stuff is as good as it gets. It won't move until YOU take it off. Very impressive for such a low-priced product! 

The BA STAR Chocolate Star Dust pigmentation is really out of this world and I can't even express just how amazed I was when I swatched this. Even though its technically a "glitter" product the texture is buttery, smooth and surprisingly cohesive with very little pigment fall-out. When used along with the Glitter Glue Primer then even that tiny bit of fall-out is eliminated and the gorgeous chocolate shimmers shine with all their might! Just look at these swatches!

Top - Alone
Bottom - With Primer

I feel that the label that BA STAR chose for these eyeshadows "star dusts" is more than appropriate because these loose powder pigments manage to hit that subtle line between glitter and shimmer perfectly without looking like its too much! As a girly girl I am definitively a huge fan of anything that sparkles but I find that as I am getting older glitter seems to appeal to me less and less so a perfect shimmer eyeshadow like this is definitively a jack pot for me. Its essentially heavy duty sparkle but with a sophisticated feel so if applied correctly this will definitively bring out your fun youthful side without looking juvenile and messy.
The Glue Glitter Liquid Base is definitively a star, an excellent primer that works with any kind of loose pigment, stays put for at least 8 hours (if not longer!) and doesnt feel heavy or sticky like some of its counterparts.

When I checked out the BA STAR website I was pleasantly surprised with the sheer amount of colors, palettes and kits they have to offer. The prices are more than reasonable and I can definitively see how their products would appeal to all makeup lovers. The "experimental" beauty connoisseurs will definitively have a lot to play with and because the Chocolate Star Dust impressed me so much I will definitively be going back for more mineral pigments very soon.

The BA STAR was generous enough to offer all of you lovely readers a discount code for a whooping 50% of your BA STAR purchase - just enter BBDUST at the checkout to reap the money saving benefits! Just hurry up because the code expires by September 30th 2013 How awesome is getting 50 % off makeup?

Let me know if you end up purchasing something and how much you like it! Because I know you will!



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