Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Eye Cream Series - Clinique Even Better Eyes Treatment

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We have all heard the expression - "Eyes are windows of the soul"! 
But what if your eyes perpetually look tired and sleepy? Does that mean people will think your soul is exhausted too? 
Well I am not about to take that chance and with the barrage of eye treatments available these days I am bound to find a suitable weapon sooner or later. 
I couldn't have been more surprised to find the perfect armour at Clinique of all places. 

The dark circles around my eyes can be very prominent due to several factors, one of them being my Mediterranean roots. With that in mind I am deeply aware that the chances of me completely banishing that darkness are slim to none. However I know that new skincare innovations can definitively help minimize things. 

Clinique skincare never really appealed to me and sadly because of that I have overlooked many of their products in all department mediums. With the discovery of the Clinique Even Better Eyes treatment I am hoping to change the neglect to at least an open mind. 

Clinique Even Better EyeDescription;
An oil-free, hydrating cream that visibly lightens dark undereye circles. 

What it Does;
Look more rested with this oil-free cream that works to keep skin nourished while lightening dark undereye circles. The skin-strengthening ingredients make skin less transparent, while the cooling massage tip breaks up puffiness. Sheer optics create an instantly brighter look for all skintones from fair to deep, leaving skin healthy and younger-looking. 

Clinique states that this eye treatment is clinically proven to visibly brighten dark circles by 30 percent over a 12 week period. 
A lot of reviews criticize this proclamation because the 30 percent number seems to be on the low end. Personally I really appreciate Clinique's honesty and release of a specific ratio of improvement. There are so many brands and products out there that make all kinds of extraordinary claims with ambiguous wording and lack of any serious clinical data, in hopes of duping their customers into buying into  their false mantra. At least with Clinique Even Better Eye I know specifically what it is that I am to expect in terms of results. Brand integrity is a huge thing for me and Clinique definitively passes that test. 

Clinique Even Better Eye

If you have been reading my blog then you already know how much I love products with the instant gratification factor whose ingredients also have long term effects. The Even Better Eyes formula fulfills both of those categories and delivers on both as well. The sheer, mica tint diffuses and visibly corrects the darkness right away while the antioxidants, caffeine and mulberry root join forces to brighten the area over time. 

The cool, metal applicator deals with any superficial puffiness around the eye with just a few strokes and the tinted cream acts as a light concealer. Those features make the Clinique Even Better Eye an excellent choice for a daytime eye cream. 

Clinique products are traditionally fragrance-free, dermatologist tested and in the case of the Even Better Eye formulation they added the ophthalmologist approval too. 

My final conclusion is extremely positive and I would recommend this eye treatment to anyone looking for a dark circle remedy. It's an effective formula, its texture feels silky and soothing around the eye and the price is reasonable ($49) and I can't find anything bad to say about it.  Essentially the Even Better Eye treatment made Clinique relevant to me and I will now be popping by their counters again very soon. 

Clinique skincare can be purchased directly from their website, Sephora and the counters at your friendly local department store!

Have you tried a dark circle corrector? 



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  2. Love your blog so much, especially the eye cream series!!!